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Learn Everything About the Global Challenge Being Faced by the World Today

A problem that is being faced by the world as a whole is called a global challenge. Since it is something that affects globally, the common people as a whole need to be educated about it and everybody needs to be aware of it. Learning more definitions of the global challenge is possible by visiting the global challenge assignment help.

The Global Challenge

Today the biggest issue being faced by the world is the environmental problem. Excessive pollution and unawareness from general people is growing this challenge. Global warming, ozone layer depletion, polluting of air, water, soil etc. are the various environmental issues being faced presently. More about several environmental issues can be learnt by checking out the global challenge homework help.

Several environmental problems being faced

  • Emission of harmful gases from vehicles and factories has resulted in global warming. This in turn has caused increase in temperature of the world.
  • Different exhausts from motor vehicles that contain plastic, nitrates, metals etc. are toxic to the environment and cause air, soil and water pollution.
  • Consumption of non-renewable resources due to rapid urbanization is causing depletion of the resources. More about resource depletion can be known by checking out the global challenge assignment help.
  • Excessive increase of global warming has caused an increase of temperature throughout the world. This in turn can cause frequent floods that are going to be even harmful for the world.
  • There has been an immense increase in the world population which is bringing scarcity of natural resources like fuel, water and food.
  • Presence of harmful pollutants in our atmosphere causes acid rain which can adversely affect wildlife, human health and aquatic organisms as well.
  • Extreme pollution of the environment has depleted the ozone layer that was the protective covering from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • The excessive increase in the production of carbon-dioxide has caused acidification of water that have a threat of affecting the water planktons. More on increase in acidification of the ocean can be learnt by clicking on the global challenge homework help.

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