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Financial management:
One of the most important factors in any company or a firm is the management of funds. It needs to be properly taken care of as because it is only through funds that a firm needs, to create more funds and achieve objectives relating to finance and also to take care of the returns on investment.

There are three basic a financial decisions that a person needs to make.

A. Investment decisions:
This is further divided into factors that effects the decision are like:

1. Fund flow for the project
2. Investment and their returns
3. Risk that is involved
4. Investment proposal on labour, inputs and resources.

B. Financial decisions:
The factors that affect the decision making are:

1. Cost
2. Position of cash flow
3. Cost of flotation
4. Risks
5. Costs of fixed operations
6. Capital market’s state
7. Considerations of control

C. Dividend decisions:
Factors affecting decision making are:

1. Position of cash flow
2. Earnings
3. Opportunities of growth
4. Dividend stability
5. Earnings stability

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