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Know the Important Factors in Setting the Marketing Communications Mix

The concept of Marketing Communications Mix can be a little hard for the students to grasp. That is why many pupils opt for getting help for their home tasks. The factors in setting the marketing communications mix homework help will provide you proper guidance on this topic. If you want, you can also check other services offered by our website.

Holding the attention of the customers is very important in marketing communication mix. The promotion of the product not just involves sending a message to the audience but also aims at keeping it engaging so that customers will read, hear, and see it. The factors that help in setting the marketing communications mix are as follows.

  1. Type of Product Market

There are two basic types of product markets. They are the consumer market and the business market. The main difference between these two is that a business market focuses on personal selling. However, consumer market aims at sales, promotion, and advertisement.

Factors in setting the marketing communications mix assignment help will assist you to understand the importance of these markets. However, speaking broadly, each has different advantages. A combination of both can help a company to increase the sales.

  1. Buyer Readiness Stage

The critical part in this stage is to build awareness within the public. For this, you have to focus on proper advertisement and publicity of your product. Advertising and selling will help the customers understand the product. Personal selling will assist in influencing the customer’s opinion. Finally, the sales closure is affected with personal selling and promotion.

It also involves the six stages a customer goes through while selecting a product. It will also influence your marketing decisions. The first part is where you aware your customer of the product. For this, you’ll have to research and find the right audience. Once customers get informed, they will try to know more about the product and see whether it will be useful to them or not. Then, if the customers start liking it, they will prefer to buy.

  1. Product Life cycle Stage

The communication methods differ in this stage. In the growth stage of the product, customer’s demand is the highest priority. In the step of maturity or introduction, advertising, publicity, events, etc. holds much importance for improving cost-effectiveness. In the decline stage, the salespeople are less concerned about the product.

Hence, in the product life cycle stage, all other the communication tools are reduced while promotion remains at high priority. With factors in setting the marketing communications mix homework help; you’ll understand the concept better.

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