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Hello! I am Code Ninja, an expert in computer programming. I am a dedicated expert in assisting students in their journey to mastering the art of programming. I have helped over 100 students excel in their coding skills and achieve their programming goals. From tackling complex algorithms to building innovative applications, I am here to provide comprehensive guidance and support. My expertise spans various programming languages, including Python, Java, C++, and JavaScript. I am also knowledgeable in popular frameworks and technologies such as Django, React, and Node.js.

I can guide and support various programming assignments, covering algorithmic problem-solving, application development, web development, database management, software engineering, code review, and debugging. Whether you need assistance understanding complex algorithms, building innovative applications, creating dynamic web solutions, optimizing database performance, developing robust software solutions, or refining your code for efficiency, I am here to lend my expertise 🎯.

Education Background

🎓 Bachelor's Degree: Computer Science from the University of Athens, Greece.

🎓 Master's Degree: Software Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


Master's Degree


English Greek  

Subject Covered

computer-science web-development  

Reviews & Ratings (99 reviews with 4.6 ratings)

  • MHH_EL_61298 - Canada

    16 Jul 2023

    He's the best in computer science! 🏆 I owe my success to his expert guidance.

  • MHH_YN_60128 - Japan

    15 Jul 2023

    His skills in Ruby on Rails are exceptional! - He developed a user-friendly and efficient app for my business.

  • MHH_EA_94732 - Sweden

    08 Jul 2023

    Thank you so much for your web development expertise! 🌟 You made my site look stunning.

  • MHH_JO_84396 - Belgium

    05 Jul 2023

    I'm grateful for Ninja's guidance in Node.js! - He helped me build scalable and powerful applications.

  • MHH_SC_72019 - USA

    04 Jul 2023

    He's a pro in Ruby on Rails! - My web app development process was smooth and efficient with his support.

  • MHH_HZ_45192 - China

    03 Jul 2023

    He's a coding wizard in Go! - His backend solutions are efficient and scalable.

  • MHH_AT_41569 - Canada

    02 Jul 2023

    🎯 Great job on my programming task! He aced it and delivered ahead of time.

  • MHH_DG_53048 - Spain

    01 Jul 2023

    I can't thank Ninja enough for his knowledge in TypeScript! - He made my frontend development enjoyable and productive.

  • MHH_SN_15629 - Denmark

    26 Jun 2023

    The customer provided a positive review based on the following reasons: ✅ Impressive research and references. ✅ Thorough and well-referenced work.

    User: 87505
  • MHH_MR_32871 - Italy

    26 Jun 2023

    🔥 Great experience with him in coding! His quick responses and support made everything smooth.