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An expert system is a computerized method that imitates the capability of decision-making skill of a human being. This system is considered a type of artificial intelligence. It is divided into two tools- the interference engine and the knowledge base. The interference engine applies rules to the later. The knowledge base does the work of storing facts.

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Expert systems are created by the Stanford Heuristic Programming Project of Feigenbaum. He is considered the father of expert systems. In the 1980s, expert systems increased rapidly. Universities started providing expert system courses. Then they improved day by day. Nowadays, Expert system is an integral part of our lives.


Expert systems are very useful as they have several benefits.

  • Maintenance of expert systems is easy.
  • Logical flow and rules make the systems perform like humans.
  • They have the capacity to store a large amount of information.
  • They can eliminate or reduce errors.


Expert systems have some disadvantages as well.

  • High cost is a major disadvantage of expert systems.
  • The systems are complicated which are menu-driven.
  • Another major disadvantage is knowledge acquisition. It takes a huge span of time to develop skill that is required.
  • They can’t always provide new solutions for the problems. To know more, take our expert systems and artificial intelligence homework help service.

Problems Students Face Studying the Topic:

Students face a lot of problems at the time of studying this topic. Let’s take a look at them.

  • They may not understand how the system works.
  • They may not understand the difference between expert systems and other types of artificial intelligence.

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