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Everything You Need to Know about Basic Accounting Terminology Homework Answers

by Jan 23, 2018Homework Answers

Basic Accounting Terminology Homework Answers

Accounting is by far the most challenging subject that streams like commerce and marketing have to offer. For excelling in this students have to highly accurate in calculations and must be familiar with the subtopics related to this subject. The amount of pressure and workload on has to endure while pursuing this subject as a major is truly described by a student who is doing it. Students are always advised to get all the assistance possible regarding this subject.
While pursuing a degree in accounting, there are certain terms and definitions associated with it that has to be learned. Otherwise, when it comes to applying them, students will lack in that area due to lack of or poor guidance. To get help with basic accounting terminology homework answers students always have an option of approaching online educational agencies. They offer the requisite help at any time of the day.
Basic yet important terminology of accounting
Here are some unavoidable terms that students have to encounter in their course of study and beyond. Their applications are immense and hence are very crucial for every student to be aware of them.

  • Balance sheet

A balance is the probably the most basic presentation of all the financial proceedings occurring within an organization. It is the presentation of a company’s liabilities, its assets, and the equities at a certain point of time.

  • Capital

Capital is that sum of money which is invested by a company on a new project which is seen fit by the experts from different departments. It may be an asset or a bulk of the money that a company can put into a new venture and earn revenues from it.

  • Credit

There is a certain financial entry that leads to decrease in the asset and increase in the liabilities of a company. These records are known as credits of the company. With the help of double-entry bookkeeping two different accounts of debit and credit separately.

  • Debit

This is the reverse of credit. Debit is that financial entry which leads to increase in assets and diminishing of liabilities of a company.

  • Shareholder’s equity

This is the sum of money a company has to spend on the equity deserved by its shareholders. It can be calculated by subtracting the liabilities of the company from its total assets.

  • Expenses

The various expenditures a company has to endure in order to continue its day-to-day business are known as its expenses. This includes variable, non-variable, semi-variable, fixed, accrued and operation expenses.

  • Budgeting

Budgeting is the most important aspect required to attain financial growth. It keeps track of the incomes and investments of a firm and suggests the appropriate means of increasing the profits while decreasing cash outflow.
To learn in details about these definitions, their significance and the right way to implement them while writing basic accounting terminology homework answers, students can get help from online assignment services.
Tools used by various companies:
Here are some important tools employed for preparing a budget for a company-

  • Payback period-

Payback period is by far the simplest decision-making tool. It is mostly used for estimation of the time period needed to get back the initial cash outlay that was required to begin a project. It should be kept in mind that this technique is only utilized and proves effective for relatively small ventures.

  • Internal Rate of Return-

Internal Rate of Return is a rate of discount via which investors can detect the revenues from the investment he made. It effectively denotes the nature of a project. When the interest rate of profit is found to be more than the expected rate, then the project is considered a profitable decision and hence should be approved else avoided.

  • Net Present Value (NPV) –

This is the most commonly used techniques across the world. It can be determined by finding the difference between the cash outflow required for a project to begin and the revenues or cash influx received from that project.
Specific terminology of accounting:
The list of terms associated with finance and its recording. The list is endless. Few more of them are mentioned below-

  • Auditing

It is a method of examination of a firm’s or an individual’s monetary data. This process ultimately helps to verify whether the financial transaction and other activities are in sync with the set of pre-determined rules. Every organization is advised to conduct at least an annual investigation to eliminate any form of fraud, error in accounts or misdealing within its system.
It is necessary for every student to know about the basics and utility of this topic to ultimately learn about its applications in the professional field. Students can take assistance for basic accounting terminology homework answers from online assignment help agencies. They also provide a better perspective of the subject in the process.

  • Management accounting

This is term attributed to that managerial department of a company that deals with investment proceeding, construction of balance sheets and other such functions. In order to maintain transparency within the system and in their interpretations, these analysts require accurate data from the concerned authorities.

  • Tax accounting

This is a crucial aspect related to accounting and has to be performed with diligence. Tax accounting requires the knowledge of the set tax laws and the company has to abide by them at all times. Any organization cannot avoid timely tax payments, and hence they recruit separate experts to keep track of these records.

  • Bookkeeping

This is different from the concepts of core accounting, but it is equally significant. It keeps a record of the numerous financial transactions being conducted by a firm and reports the accurate data to the concerned authorities.

  • Financial accounting

Its principles somewhat similar to bookkeeping but in addition to that, financial accounting involve the recording of data and their analysis to improve performance of the company. By performance, we mean that increase in its productivity and profits with lowering of the investments.
While pursuing a degree in accounting or even while studying it as a subject in school, students must take special note of knowing these important terms. Their usefulness is diverse and without them, the process of learning commerce and finances cannot take a step forward. They can acquire extra support for composing basic accounting terminology homework answers. This will enhance their knowledge, and they will learn a lot of new facts in the process.
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