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What is equity share?
The best explanation that our mentors along with our Equity Shares Types of Equity Shares Assignment Help team as common shares  that represents as  a partial ownership where a share holder are just partial owners and takes up a risk with business undertakings. Such holders have rights to vote and dividend payments too.

What are the types of equity shares?
There are basically seven types of equity shares:
1.    Authorized Share Capital: Maximum amount of funds that can be given by a firm. This can be amplified time to time as needed along with some fee and formalities.
2.    Issued Share Capital:  It is given to investors.
3.    Subscribed Share Capital: This is where, there is an agreement by the investors on issued capital.
4.    Paid Up Capital: Part of it is from subscribed capital where amount is paid by investors. It is the money that is needed in the business
5.    Rights Share: Shares that are given to active shareholders in a company.
6.    Bonus Share: It is given to shareholders as dividends.
7.    Sweat Equity Share: Given to excellent employees as well as heads of company for their good work.

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