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The study of chemical changes that are caused by energy is called chemical energetics. This subject deals with both Kinetics as well as thermal dynamics. Thermodynamics studies changes that are established on volumes of energy.

Energy is normally conserved and when this conserved energy gets transported into a system then it is known as internal energy.Quantity of energy in a particular antiphon remains the same whether reaction happens in a single step or it happens in several steps.

Hess’s law helps you to get an approximation of energy in a process.Size of energy is called calorimetry and this can be measured under persistent volume or continuous pressure. Chemical kinetics on the other hand is mainly involved with the rates of reactions. This can be very well illustrated using graphite and diamond.

When in room temperature, thermal dynamics state that graphite is the unchanging form of carbon. Considering it from Thermal dynamic point of understanding diamond has to get transformed to graphite but kinetics or response rate is so sluggish that there can hardly be any change that can be detected.

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This is the first law of thermodynamics. There are certain enthalpy changes that occur from chemical reactions and you can calculate it from the effect that it has on surrounding temperature. When bonds are broken energy gets absorbed and when bonds are formed then energy is released.

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What is thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is that branch of Chemistry which deals with changes in heat energy that occurs during a chemical reaction.

Types of thermochemical reactions

There are two types of thermochemical reactions- one is exothermic reaction and other is endothermic reaction.

Exothermic reaction

When a particular product is formed,a chemical reaction occurs and a lot of heat is released during this time. This is known as exothermic reaction. Exothermic process is represented by:

Reactant= Heat + Products

Endothermic Reaction

When a particular product is formed then a chemical reaction occurs when a certain amount of heat is absorbed. This is known as Endothermic reaction. This is represented as:

Reactant + heat-= Products

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