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In today’s world, everything around is an exhibition of technology. Humans have gone underground as much as they have advanced in touching the skies. In metropolitan cities like, New York, Los Angeles, London, Rio, etc.there are thousands of high-rises and skyscrapers. They are about a hundred-storeyed high on an average and almost seem to climb infinitely up when stared at from the ground.They are fascinating examples of science and innovations.

However, there arises a question. How do the people who live or work in such skyscrapers travel from one floor to another? If you are in the ground floor and need to go to the one hundred and thirtieth floors, using a staircase is simply not an option! Engineers again have come to the rescue by making of elevators in buildings. A taste of their ingenuity can actually be found in your Elevator Design and Construction assignment answers.

Details of the engineering

So, what is the function of an elevator or a lift?Even a kid knows this answer! It is a machine or equipment that transports people from one floor of a high-rise to another without the hassle of climbing stairs.But, do you know how it actually works? If not then it is time to know them as they are necessary for Elevator Design and Construction homework answers.

In an elevating system, there are some key components which are common to all. They are:

  • Elevating platform/room –

In which a user remains at time of transportation

  • Shaft –

Hollow vertical tunnel through which the platform moves up and down parallel to the floors

  • Doors –

Both on platform and each floors to prevent people falling into the shaft

  • Cables –

Which pulls elevating platform smoothly up or down

  • Control unit –

An area in the shaft or in some separate machine room where all controls lie

This control unit basically controls an electric pulley over which cables are wound which in turn pulls up the elevator.These structural and functional details are best understood from schematic diagrams and drawing them in Elevator Design and Construction assignment answers to fetches good marks.

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