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Effective Secrets on How to Write a Good Thesis

By Michelle Johnson
4 Jun, 2017

‘I don’t know what I’m writing about! Why is writing a good thesis so complicated?’ If you are sailing in the same boat, then you have stepped into the perfect place. Here you will get to know ‘how to write a good thesis’ as well as few answers of frequently asked questions.

If you are not convinced about what you are trying to state, it will be much more difficult for your teacher to understand the basic point. So, you being the author must learn ways to capture your reader’s attention and also provide informational content. To excel in thesis writing, check out a few steps now!

Tips on how to write a good thesis:

  • First of all, you must carefully listen to the instructions of your teacher or professor so that you can match ideas based on the topic easily.
  • One of the most effective ways to write an extra- ordinary thesis is by practicing brainstorming. You may pen down all that you know about the given topic. Few structured brainstorming methods are free writing and mapping or clustering.
  1. Free writing

You must practice this particular exercise for five to ten minutes approximately. What you have to do is writing whatever idea is coming in your mind without stopping for a second. You need not worry about punctuation, grammar, unique information, etc. In the end, you will observe that it is easier to connect your existing and written ideas and you will excel in thesis writing.

  1. Clustering

In this technique, you have to make a map. You need to jot down some ideas and link the items that are similar by drawing colorful lines. By doing so, you will be surer of which facts to connect in your thesis.

  • Next, you must select some reliable research source for searching more ideas about your topic. The more you search, the more your contents will be unique. Research is also essential as you have to offer proper evidence behind all your opinions.
  • It is not necessary that you have to stick to your claim till the end. It might happen that while revising your paper, you find out that the opinion is not fitting with the given evidence. It is absolutely okay to modify your thesis or completely change it accordingly.

Now, have a look at a few more important facts about a thesis statement. You need not worry at all as writing a thesis statement is not that complicated as you are thinking it to be. These will help you excel in thesis writing.

Some more essential facts about a good thesis statement:

Suppose, someone goes through your papers thoroughly but at the end states that “What have you written about? What is the actual point or purpose?” Obviously, you will feel awkward at such situation. But, it means that the main thing missing in your paper is a thesis statement.

No matter how much effort and time you spend on your paper, the net result will become zero if it has no thesis statement. As your prime aim is to make your paper readable, so to make it more interesting you must pen down your personal opinion for the reader’s convenience.

Now, one question might strike your mind that what must be the exact length of your thesis statement. This answer will help you excel in thesis writing.

No such specific or mandatory rules are there, but it is better to focus all your ideas within a sentence or two. The thesis statement must be appropriate so that your teacher and any other reader get to know what your paper is all about. Besides helping readers, it also guides your writing as well as lets you stay focused on your argument.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the basic purpose of any thesis statement?

Well, concisely stating its purpose is to inform the readers about your paper’s subject and also your opinion.

  1. Where does the statement appear?

Generally, you can induce your thesis statement at the introductory paragraph’s end. It actually directs your reader to what you want to state.

  1. Can I write anything to attract readers?

Yes, you can write anything, but obviously, it must have a proper connection with the topic.

  1. Can one ask questions in the thesis statement?

Truly speaking, thesis statement states your position or opinion on the given topic. So, a question itself requires an answer and thus cannot state anything. A question is not at all a statement.

You may begin with a question and then the answer will be your thesis.

So, Thesis= Subject or topic+ your opinion.

Experts state that the best possible way to write a captivating, as well as informative thesis, is by being specific and clear.

Tips to state your ideas clearly:

  1. It is better not to write using technical language, until and unless the report is technical.
  2. Avoiding jargon is another wise decision you may take.
  3. To state your thoughts about the subject clearly, you must avoid using words that are vague. For example- negative, interesting, unusual, difficult, exciting, etc.
  4. It is better to stay away from abstract words like values, society, culture, etc.
  5. Instead of stating a fact that is already known to people, you must inform something unique. Or else, a reader won’t find any interest to read facts that he or she is already aware of.

For your convenience, here is a checklist so that you can check out whether your thesis is covering all the necessary bases or not.

Checklist of your good thesis statement:

  • Must have the topic
  • Your thought must be present
  • Must be clear and specific
  • Must be arguable
  • Provides a perfect outline of your paper
  • Includes effective words

If all the factors of the above- mentioned list is present in your thesis statement, then it will definitelybe an engaging one. The thesis is actually your research’s end point and not at all the beginning. So, make sure that it is provable and for that, you must provide sufficient evidence for backing up your opinion. This will help you excel in thesis writing.

So, hopefully, your search for ‘how to write a good thesis’ is over now! Even you can try writing an excellent thesis by following the above- mentioned tips and secrets.You will surely attain the appreciation of your teacher and other readers too. Research as much as you can, as gathering knowledge has no certain limit. Your creative thoughts and efficient research work is the key to writing a good thesis.