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What is Capital Rationing?
Capital Rationing is the strategy adopted by companies to limit investments in new projects. A ceiling is set for the investment of the available funds. They are invested into the most promising projects; ones that offer the highest return in less time and pose minimum risk. Capital Rationing is undertaken by a company when it is lagging behind in its financial target, several projects remain incomplete and it develops a need to focus its remaining resources in managing the existing projects instead of starting new ones.

There are several types of Capital Rationing, namely, Hard and Soft Capital Rationing, Single period and multiple periods Capital Rationing.

The Effects of Capital Rationing can range from Improved Management, Lowered Risks to Maximization of Profit. It might help a new organization to thrive with its limited fund raisings. Our Effect of Capital Rationing Homework Help team can provide you with an enlistment and detailed description from reliable and credible sources that are well researched by our team experts to fetch you highest grades.

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