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What are the structural differences between DNA and RNA?

  • DNA is defined as the double helix structure, while RNA is a single stranded chain.
  • DNA contains deoxyribose sugar chemically in its back bone; while RNA is absolutely build up of ribose sugar.
  • Thymine nucleobase is present in DNA but it is replaced in RNA by uracil.

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Are you interested in knowing about the structure and function of the DNA and RNA?

  • Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a double helix structure and it looks like a ladder in twisted form
  • Each rung of that ladder is made of nitrogenous base
  • In the sides of each ladder sugar and phosphate groups are the basic foundation by which the sides are made of
  • The nitrogenous base pairs up together only and they never cross or overlap each other
  • RNA on the other hand forms the other half of the ladder
  • Although the basic structure of DNA and RNA are same, but you will find a single nitrogenous base.
  • Like thymine as the base in DNA, RNA has uracil.
  • Similarly deoxyribose is the sugar in DNA and ribose is the sugar in RNA

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What are the differences between DNA and RNA?

  • The genetic instructions are present in the nucleic acid of DNA which is used for the functioning of all living organisms. On the contrary the information that were found in DNA helps to determine the traits and various other forms of RNA do the job
  • DNA is the medium of transmission and storage of genetic information but RNA can transfer the genetic code that is required for creating proteins.
  • Structurally DNA are double stranded and RNA are single stranded

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