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What is Dividend Policy and Share Value?
Dividend policy refers to a decision-making process regarding how the shareholders of a firm would be paid dividends in the form of cash. When a company has enough cash, it is typically supposed that the management of the company would distribute the dividends as cash. The company may also opt to use a share buyback program to purchase its stocks back,

The dividend policy has a direct impact on the share value of a company. Dividend growth model (DGM) is an important technique that is used for share valuation. The basic concept is that if the current worth of all the future dividends of that firm is added up, its sum total would be equal to the present stock value. The DGM supposes that a firm has a steady growth and is mature. This model can be implemented for high growth industries, although if the results have to be profitable the growth rate should be a mature one. Our experts at myhomeworkhelp.com can offer you the Dividend Policy and Share Value Assignment Help services that you want in order to finish your projects on time.

What is its necessity?
For any company, its dividend policy decides its proportion of earnings that is to be distributed to the shareholders as well as the proportion that is to be used for the purpose of reinvestment. Financial management mainly aims to optimize the market value of equity shares. The relationship between dividend policy and the market value of equity shares is a major study area in the field of finances.

The market price goes up when profits are used in order to declare the dividends. At the same time, however, a slump occurs in the amount that is set aside for reinvestment. A company has to issue fresh shares in order to raise more capital and aim for expansion. An increase in the total amount of shares can result in a drop in the market price of each share and stockholders would have no interest in the dividend policy in such cases. With Dividend Policy and Share Value Homework Help services from myhomeworkhelp.com, you can complete your projects within the time specified by your academic institution.

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