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Any kind of job performance and its status and quality depends on how it is executed. What is their performance who are directly or indirectly involved in executing that job. It is same in every aspect of life and in business and accounts. In the field of business, lots of job activities have to perform through different systematic process. Several employees are involved in those processes for a proper execution of those activities.

And thus the business can

  • Run smoothly
  • Perform perfectly
  • Grow rapidly

So it is understandable that performance or ability to do work is an important factor for business accounts hence, proper evaluation of performance is a necessary factor. For detail information about the subject topic to do your homework, you have to get in touch with our decision making and performance evaluation homework help on

Learn more about the subject

When business house mostly depends on its employee’s quality and ability to perform, then correct valuation of their capacity and power of activity is required for overall growth. It has several objectives like –

  • For fixing  individual’s KPI
  • Enhancing employees personal skills  as well as organizational development
  • Identifying the best performer
  • Collecting evidence about employee’s involvement in the job
  • Taking any kind of decision about the employee through his activity reviews.

Here we are going to discuss about what kind of decision a company can take for an employee on the basis of their performing activity?  It is an important issue in business accounts and finance, on the other hand, for finance and management’s students, it is a very critical and tough subject topic for doing their assignment. So whoever is confused about this can approach us for an accurate decision making and performance evaluation assignment help.

How to decide?

All the employees of an organization cannot be of same quality, ability, and loyalty. There is always some difference in their activity. Their involvement and ability can be assessed on the basis of –

  • Senior’s reports about the employee
  • Appraisal records
  • Their behavior and transaction reports from their colleagues clients and suppliers

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What types of decision can be taken

Several managerial decisions are taken on the basis of employee’s communication skill, planning, and organizing ability, situation tackling power and behavioral issue,

  • Promotional

Employees are promoted on the upper level on this ground


  • Demotion

An employee can get a demotion for their inability.

  • Increment

Decision of a salary increment can be taken


  • job transfer

An employee may be transferred to other department or another branch.


  • Dismiss

An employee can be dismissed for their un-satisfactory contribution.

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