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CRD analysis of variables:

Completely Randomized Designs is a concept in design of experiments which is used to evaluate the effects of one primary factor without having to take into account other ‘nuisance variables’. Completely randomized designs having one primary factor are basically described by this article. What is done is this experiment is that the different values of a response variable are compared based on different levels of the said primary factor. To obtain completely randomized designs, these levels of primary factors are randomly assigned while conducting the experiments.

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Randomization in this respect means that the sequence of experiment units is determined randomly here. The method is meant to be completely arbitrary. Such randomization is mostly carried out by computer programs; however it is not unusual if it’s being performed physically.

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3 key numbers used in CRD analysis of variable:

There is one primary factor and numerous randomized designs, and they are defined using the following numbers:

  • k= number of factors.
  • l = number of levels.
  • n = Number of replicas.

And the complete sample size is represented as following:
N = k x l x n.

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