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Costing and Administrative Control cover a vast are between themselves. Costing would broadly cover all Costs considered while Costing/Pricing a product/service. Administrative Control, on the other hand, would take care of expenses and activities needed to run and support the operations.

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What is Costing?
Costing is a vast subject by itself, encompassing multiple Techniques/Concepts/Methods/ Processes in its fold. As an introductory statement, one can say that Costing Methods/ Techniques are applied to Cost/Price a Product or Service, produced by an Organisation. Below are some of the key areas covered in the scope of Costing studies:

A.    Cost of production (Prime costs and Production Overheads)
B.    Marginal Costing, Cost-Volume ratios
C.    Indirect Costs, Overhead Allocation
D.    Inventory Valuation and control
E.    Standard Costing, Variance Analysis
F.    Costing Methods (Job Costing, Process Costing, Operation Costing etc.)
G.    Joint Products and By-products

Each area is vast in its own scope, and needs an Expert help for a proper mastering of it.

Administrative Control
A business would have diverse operations in its fold, each running toward its individual objective. For example, the Sales function will look to maximize volume and turnover, without so much bothering about the cost-leakage. So will all other functions and even activities thereunder. Here is where the Administrative Control comes along seeking to
1.    Co-ordinate between Functions/Activities,
2.    Synchronize them toward the common Organizational goal, and
3.    Controlling the Cost/Expenses while making sure the operation flow is not affected

Administrative Control is a complex, challenging and often thankless job. However, without it a business will mess itself up and not reach anywhere.

Difficulties faced in Costing and Administrative Control Homework
The primary difficulty in these assignments is the vast coverage of the topics. Further, much of it can be pretty technical and sophistication, needing an Expert’s careful mind for an appropriate handling.

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