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About Cost Concepts –
Cost concepts are needed in a company to determine and know the cost of all expenditure that may happen in a given time frame. It also seems to calculate all costs per unit and also prepare analysis of costs. It determines the wastage that is there in each process during manufacturing. It also gives information for deciding on selling price.

Cost concepts help to compute profit that is, in product wise. It also implements all systems to control costs. Cost Concepts for Control Homework Help team will even show and teach you how to determine future expansion provisions and make you proficient to do effective reporting.

About Cost Concepts for Control-
It is also further divided into four broad categories:
1.    Direct costs:
Whenever costs are entirely identified to their specific department and then products it is said to have Direct Costs.

2.    Controllable cost:
Whenever amount of cost is there, that is assigned by a responsibility centre where all decisions are influenced by its manager then the costs are controlled in a manner.

3.    Uncontrollable costs:
Whenever costs are not taken up by any responsibility centre than it is said to be as uncontrolled cost.

4.    Indirect costs:
Whenever the cost incurred is not identifiable by the department or product is said to be as indirect costs.

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