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With a growing advancement of science and theology and for successful application of physics and engineering, today lots of industries, power plants, and small factories are evolved in this society. With production of required products lots of wastage are too produced here. This wastage should be disposed of properly to save our surroundings and our society.  Excess heat is one of the most significant wastage amongst them. And cooling towers is an effective tool for reducing it properly.

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While processing several products in these power plants, different industries and small factories lots of excess heat and energies are generated which are not required.  Water that are used in these industries and power plant often becomes extremely hot  due to this excess heat.A cooling tower is a special device that brings hot water and cold air into thermal contacts so that this excess heat can be transferred from water to air and the cold water can be reused again the process.

This process performs either through evaporation of water and makes fluid cool by reducing the air temperature through wet bulb or on the, dry cooling process which depends only on air and  cools the fluid by reducing the air temperature through dry bulb.

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User based classification

The different designed models   are used in different sector for solving a same basic purpose.  For example it is used for domestic purposes, in school, colleges, office etc.the domestic models are performed on HVAC process.   In industry like – thermal power stations, refinery, natural gas and petrochemical plants and other big and small industries it is used  to exchange excess heat which is produced from various sources.  Few types as per its uses are given below:

  • Crossflow method
  • Counterflow method
  • Draft Process

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