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Computational Biology

Computational Biology is also referred as bioinformatics. The relations and algorithm of various biological systemsare developed by the biological data of computational biology. This is one of the main fields of biology which relates to chemistry, applied mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, ecology, molecular biology, biochemistry, anatomy, genomics, biophysics, genetics, and evolution.

Subfields of Computational Biology –

Computational Biomodeling

In this field of study, computer models of the biological system are built. The main purpose of this is to reduce the complexity of biological system by visual stimulations.This is done by using visualization software and special algorithms. This in turn can be used to produce results of different biological systems reacting on different environments.

Computational Genomics

The study of genomes of cells and organisms within genomics is called computational genomics. This sub-field of Computational Biology is also known as computational and statistical genetics. We will be incorporating materials like this into our Computational Biology assignment help.

Computational Neuroscience

The study of nervous system structures and brain functions in terms of the properties of the processing of information is computational neuroscience. To examine the neurological system’s specific type aspects, brain models are used.

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