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In economics or microeconomics, market is an important part of study. A student must know that what various differences between a competitive and a non-competitive market are. Though the terms are simple, there is depth, and this is an excellent place where you can easily get a perfect solution related to the topic.  Competitive versus noncompetitive markets homework help explains about both the terms and their relation or effect in the market.

What is competitive rate?

Competitive market

When there are many producers and many consumers in a market, then this kind of market is called a competitive market. This word itself explains that in a competitive market a lot of competition takes place. Consumers desire to take the best quality of material from the best place. In addition, if one producer sells something at cheap rate than other, then all customers will go to the company who is just selling at the cheap rate.

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What is noncompetitive market?

In a noncompetitive market, there is only one seller of product on the market and none other sellers are there as a competition. So, there is no competition in the market. No close one or substitutes are there to compete. Therefore it is monopoly.

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Explain about competitive versus noncompetitive markets

There are two different terms as competitive and non-competitive in the market. So, you just need to know the detail of difference between these two to understand the world of economy. There are some points as –

  • Competitive market has many producers and sellers. In case of noncompetitive market, only one producer is there.
  • The control over price is not done by a single producer in competitive market, however, for monopoly one, the price is completely controlled.
  • Rejection occurs when there is competition, but in case of monopoly companies, rejections are not done.
  • Feature says that there is no restriction in new firms for competitive market, but in case of noncompetitive there are many rules and restrictions.

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