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Cost of capital and it’s Classifications:
Cost of capital can be defined as the least rate of returns a firm gets on any investments that it has made to satisfy both investors as well as at maintaining their market value. Cost of capital is the needed return rates by the investors. It can also be explained as rates on discount that decides the present worth for the cash flow in future. Confusing? Well! Our mentors will easily help you to understand the subject in our online classes. The specialized team of Classification of Cost Homework Help team will explain the classifications of cost of capita that is:

  • Past and Future cost:

The former represents cost of past year and can be revived from the past data. While future cost refers to the cost that is expected to be in the future for taking up new projects. Past calculation helps in future costs that can be incurred without losses.

  • Exact and complex cost:

The cost of specific capital source like equity, shares on preference, etc. it is the capital costs of weighted average. While capital from more than one source that are not specified are known as composite cost.

  • Marginal and average costs:

Marginal cost can be termed as an overall cost to obtain another amount of money to start a new capital from one source only. Whereas average cost are calculated for each capital source and weighted total of capital funds.

  • Clear and hidden costs:

Former refers to rates that are discounted and equates value of present investment outflow. Whereas hidden cost are return rates with the best opportunity for investments for both firm and its shareholders.

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