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About characteristics of consumer goods

The characteristics of the consumer goods depend upon the categories they belong to. Consumer goods are widely classified into convenient goods, specialty goods, shopping goods and unsought goods.

  • Convenience goods are frequently purchased inexpensive goods which are used in our day to day lives. Food products, confectionary products and dispensary goods are examples of this category.
  • Specialty goods have unique branding or features. Products like luxury cars, designer clothes and antiques are few specialty goods.
  • Shopping goods are purchased less frequently when compared to the convenience goods. They cost a bit more in general. Few examples of these goods are furniture, clothing, electronic products like freezers, microwaves, washing machines etc.
  • Unsought goods include newly introduced products in the market like frozen food products and latest technology using smartphones.

The characteristic of consumer goods assignment help is here to help you with the characteristics of the consumer goods as given below:

  • There are rival goods as well as non rival ones.
  • Consumer goods can belong to the excludable or non excludable types. Most of the consumer goods and products are of the latter type.
  • There are also the private goods and public goods variations. Public products are of the non rival and non excludable type.

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