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Channel management is a tough job, as the manager has to deal with several aspects to sell a product successfully in the market, earning maximum profit. A thorough knowledge of marketing channel is important for channel management. Time-to-time, the manager has to take several decisions to manage channel flawlessly.  For this, thorough knowledge is must on the various steps involved in designing marketing channels. is a reliable name in this industry that you can trust for high-quality Channel-management decision homework help service.

What is marketing channel?

A marketing channel comprises of a number people, organizations, and activities which are involved in transferring the ownership of products from producers to the consumers. Owners transfer the products and services to the end-user through a marketing channel that is also familiar as a distribution channel. It is a useful managerial tool and is important to create a well-planned and effective marketing strategy.

What is channel management?

Channel management is an important aspect of channel marketing. It is a way the company develops several marketing techniques and sales policies to build a strong customer base. The channels are the ways which allow the producers or the manufacturers market their products. The final objective of any organization is to strengthen the bond between the consumers and the products.

Channel-management decisions

Time-to-time channel managers need to take many decisions which are necessary for developing a program to offer services and sell products to the consumers within a given channel. Designing a channel system involves several steps

  • Analysing customer needs
  • Establishing the channel
  • Identifying the major channel alternatives
  • Evaluating major channel alternatives
  • Selecting suitable channel members
  • Training and motivating channel members.

All the decision should be meant to streamline the communication between a business and the consumer. This is done through segmentation of channels as per buyers’ characteristics- their requirements, success factors, buying pattern, etc. The management has to take right decision to customize a program to establish a direct relation with customers in each channel.

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Before taking any decision, it is important to know that what a business wants from each channel.

Evaluating major channel alternatives decision

Once the channel manager identified various major channel alternatives, it has to evaluate alternative suits the company best. The evaluation is done on the basis of three criteria

  • Economic criteria
  • Control criteria
  • Adaptive criteria.

Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of all the three criteria before evaluating major channel alternatives.

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