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But first, here is an insight into the subject matter.

Central Bank and its Major Functions
Central Bank is the Apex Institution in the banking and financial structure of a country. The major functions of a Central Bank are:

1. Bank of Issue: Central Banks enjoy the monopoly right to issue currency notes and coins.
2. Acting as the Banker, Fiscal agent and Adviser to the Government.

3. Banker to the Banks: Central Bank has the same relationship with Commercial Banks as the latter has with general public.
4. Lender of the last resort: Central bank provides directly or indirectly reasonable assistance to commercial banks and other financial institutions at the time of financial stresses.

5. All foreign exchange transactions of a country are routed through Central Bank and hence it acts as the Custodian of Nation’s foreign exchange reserves.

6. Central Bank controls the credit creation by Commercial Banks.
7. Central Bank is endowed with the responsibility of developing and promoting a strong banking system in the country.

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