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Know All About Buoyancy and Specific Gravity with Homework Help

When an object is floating in a liquidor is put in a fluid, the results differ time to time. Let’s consider situations when, some rocks float while others drown or stone sinks in water whereas, a ship floats even after being annth number of times heavier. This property is determined byBuoyancy and Specific Gravity of fluid and the object. This property depends on weight of an object. Weight = Mass x Gravitational force. Learn about it more with our Buoyancy and Specific Gravity homework help.

What is Buoyancy?

When an object is immersed in a fluid the gravitational pull acting on it tends to bring it down, buoyancy is the upwards force acting on the body. Buoyancyis based on Archimedes’ principle; the buoyant force on the body is equal to the weight of the water displaced.B = ƍgVdisplaced

  • This depends on the density of the body. D = Mass / Volume. It metric unit is g/cm3.
  • Buoyancy, like any force is measuredin Newton [N].

Equation to find out buoyancy:

F = Pressure x Area (P x A)

Fbuoyancy = Fbottom– Ftop; as F = PA the equation can also be,

Fbuoyancy = (Pbottom– Ptop) A; as pressure is not constant the equation would have ΔP

Fbuoyancy= ΔPA

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What is Specific gravity?

The ratioof the density of one substance to the density of another substance, for same given volume, is known as Specific Gravity.

Example: let one be an object and the other substance is pure water (reference liquid). Pure water has a constant specific gravity of 1 at 40C and density of 1000 kg/m3.

Then, Specific Gravity = Density of the object / Density of pure water

This ratio is also known as relative density which is a unit-less quantity.

Problems usually faced while reading this topic.

  • Specific Gravity has nothing to do with Gravity.
  • What is the unit of Specific Gravity? Specificgravity or relative density does not have any unit, it’s a ratio.
  • On what properties Buoyancy depends?
  • What are the uses of Buoyancy?
  • How is Buoyancy related to Specific Gravity?

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