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Let us discuss more about Breakeven Point and Target Operating Income

Breakeven point and target operating income homework help can help you to know these points better-

  • What is Breakeven Point?

The breakeven point means the level of total revenues needed to equal the total expenses (variable and fixed costs). Therefore, breakeven point is the point where the firm produces the same quantity of revenues and expenses during the production process or the accounting period.

  • The universal concept of BEP

The Breakeven concept possesses global applications across the businesses in the industry irrespective of their size of operations.

  • Breakeven point units

The managers of production tend to aim atthe quantity of units that it needs to recover the cost of production. This is commonly called breakeven point units. It evaluates the quantity of units, which need to be manufactured and sold in the period to cover the expenses.

  • What is Target operating income?

The amount of gains that is realised from the business’s operations after making deductions for operating expenses is the target operating income. These expenses include costs of commodities sold, depreciation and wages.

  • Multi-step income statements

Commonly, multi-step income statements list these calculations at the end of target operating sections as the income from operations.

Moreover, this section presents before non-operating and the income tax section in order to compute the net income.

  • Importance of this concept

This is a significant concept. As it provides investors and suppliers with an idea of how good, the base of the business activities is doing.

Thus, It divides the non-operating and operating expenses and revenues. This highlights the clear picture of how well the business makes money.

  • Constituents

Target operating income generates after making allowances for-

  • Insurance
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Supplies expenses
  • Commissions
  • Wages
  • Freight and postages

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