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About biodiversity:

Biodiversity refers to the variety of all living species on the face of the planet we inhabit. It’s all inclusive, starting with the biggest plants and mammals to fungi and algae. The distribution of this biodiversity differs from place to place.

Flora and fauna:

Biodiversity is not only inclusive of plants and animals, known as flora and fauna, but the term takes into consideration everything that has life, which would mean reptiles to microorganisms, everything’s a part of the biodiversity. Biodiversity is essential to nature as well as to man for it maintains the food chain, provides fuel, medicine and other resources.

Biodiversity is not evenly distributed throughout the planet but it’s concentrated on certain areas and relatively scarce in others. The places which are riches t in biodiversity are known as biodiversity hotspots, and most of these hotspots are in the tropical regions.

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Assignments on biodiversity:

Biodiversity is a topic which is introduced to students at a basic level in school and later again it’s reiterated in more complex form. The good thing is biodiversity – plants and fungi homework help can give you the answers you are looking for, irrespective of the difficulty level of your assignment. If the assignment is allotted to a junior in school, he’ll definitely need an elder to help him out and since teachers or parents can’t always invest the time required, the service offered by can sort out the problem. If the assignment is for a senior student or a college student, he can definitely use expert biodiversity – plants and fungi assignment help to make his project impressive.

Types of Flora:

Plant life on the planet can be divided into three major categories, our biodiversity – plants and fungi assignment help shall give you a glimpse:

  • The native or indigenous flora which are the plants which grow in a particular area with very specific soil type or environmental conditions
  • Horticultural flora are the agricultural plants which are grown by human beings by making deliberate efforts
  • Weed: Widely considered as undesirable variety of plants, they are studies mostly so that they can be eradicated. However, recent studies have shown that the existence of weed is crucial for the well being of certain ecosystems

Flora, it is important to mention, can not only grow on surface but can grow underwater as well: seaweed, fungi and algae being common examples. For more elaborate information on flora, fungi or biodiversity, students feel free to contact and ask for biodiversity – plants and fungi homework help.

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