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About Batch Costing
The topic of Batch Costing is about a form of order costing of a specific kind which can be applied where a certain quantity of items which are identical in nature are produced as a unique batch. When there will be a situation in which the work will be done according to specified customer other, this comes into play. The situations in which there will be a need for batch costing are as follows:

  • Quantity of identical items is ordered by customers
  • Raising of internal production for an identical parts batch

The products which are considered for batch costing are mentioned below:

  • Clothing Manufacturer
  • Engineering Components Production
  • Footwear
  • Television or Radio set, and
  • Medicine
  • The costs which are involved in Batch Costing are direct cost of:
  • Direct Expenses
  • Cost of Materials, and also
  • Labour
  • Along with the addition of overheads which are absorbed into the batch in question.

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