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What is a bank?
Banks are financial institutions that carry out lending and borrowing money to and from the customers thereby creating credits. There are many ways through which this lending and borrowing activities are carried out in a bank. Banks are the most important institution in almost all the countries because it influences the financial system of the economy in a great way. One needs to be very clear with all kinds of banking terms in order to be a part of it.
Different kinds of banking activities:

  • Retail banking.
  • Business banking.
  • Corporate banking.
  • Private banking.
  • Investment banking.

Types of banks:

  • Commercial banks.
  • Community banks.
  • Land development banks.
  • So-operative banks.
  • Postal savings banks.
  • Private Banks.
  • Offshore banks.
  • Saving banks.
  • Central bank.

Functions of commercial banks:

  • Accepting deposits.
  • Advancing loans.
  • Agency functions.
  • General utility functions.

Function of a Central bank:

  • Issues currency.
  • Controls credit.
  • Lender of last resort.

These some of the basic knowledge a student should have in order to pursue their career in banking field. The role of commercial banks and central bank is very different from each other. So to be very clear with all kinds of banking terms our is ready to provide bank information assignment help.

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