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Awesome Suggestions to Put You on Top in College

By Michelle Johnson
5 Sep, 2016
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Going to college is undoubtedly a momentous event in life, and can help you to prepare for future accomplishments in life. Once you finish school, it is the place that is supposed to prepare you for the big bad world and make a mark for yourself under the sun. Many students enter college with a mix of joy and trepidation, not knowing what to expect. Everyone dreams on being on top in college, although few are prepared with enough knowledge and guidance about the same. Here are some awesome suggestions for topping college and ensure that college experience goes as smooth as possible.

  • Make sure there is a study skills course

In case of any issues faced while finding out proper strategies educational success, check whether there is a study skills course in college. Many students have the misconception that their grades in college will be as good as in high school. When this does not happen, they do not have any idea of how to study for their classes in college. With study skills courses, there is a chance for picking up better habits that can ensure similar success for yourself in college.

  • Choose a quiet area for studying

The dorm is not exactly the place to study in because of activity and noise level. You should only study in a place for getting the chance for focusing on lessons. There are study areas in libraries specifically for this reason. These are quiet and secluded, and can help you focus better on lessons. In noisy environs, noise-cancellation earphones can assist with better concentration.

  • Build a relationship with instructors

It can be really useful to stay in touch with your instructors all through your academic year. Make sure that you have their email addresses, office addresses and phone numbers close at hand so that you can contact them easily. You need to build a good relationship with them, as you might need their help at any moment and get good guidance from them at any moment. Choose a good seat in your class near the front, so that you can ask questions at any time to your instructor and get instant replies from them for any queries that you might have.

  • Find good students to hang out with

Try spotting good students or at least those who are academically inclined. This can easily be done by spotting those who ask excellent academic questions to professors and who generally do well in tests. You might even find a couple of studious batch mates from your high school to be studying in the same college. Hang out with them and discuss studies. When it comes to finding solutions to curriculum problems, do not underestimate the power of peers. They can be useful for sharing ideas with and getting necessary suggestions from.

  • Stay alone or with parents

While many students like living with roommates on campus for saving money, you can get plenty of distractions. If you want a quiet place for studying, consider staying at home with parents or even living somewhere all on your own. This will help to have a suitable place for studying. Although it can be tempting to stay with a few peers, especially during thefirst semester of your college, it would be better to stay alone or with parents for having quiet study time – which is very important for having peace of mind as well as getting good grades.

  • Check the available resources

Do not be a bookworm and devote all your time only to studies. Explore your campus and talk with staffs about the resources that are on offer within the campus, such as health centers, support centers, seminars etc. Try using all resources available out there for free, and find out which ones do you enjoy. College years are the time to discover interests and get involved with specific activities that catch your attention.

  • Have a disciplined lifestyle

Although occasional giving into temptations and late nights are okay, you should largely abide by a disciplined lifestyle which allows you a perfect health and mind frame to attend to your lessons above anything else. Do not neglect your health. You need to be healthy enough for studying and be the best to top your college in academics.

  • Be a regular in class

Regularly attending your class will help you get the additional credit reserved for attendance. You can also get help as well as references from your professors. Instructors can drop useful hints at any time while imparting their lessons. These tips can help you to stay ahead of your peers and get access to some key reference materials that can do you a world of good. How to homeschool your kids in an efficient manneris something that parents keep on pondering over, but doting parents must make the effort to make their kids regular class-attenders.

  • Get a private tutor

Just because none of your peers is getting one, it does not mean you cannot get one too. It is better to seek help and be ahead of others than racking your brains trying to figure out even the simplest solutions and falling behind. You can get in touch with an actual tutor or register with an online tutor service for obtaining regular assistance with your studies. When you are bogged down with too much of pressure for completing your assignments, you can hire the services of a top-notch company offering homework help services at reasonable costs.
Do not seek employment during 1st semester
Many students, eager to gather the much-needed work experience asked for by employers, get a job in their first semester itself. This can put you in a bad situation, as you will need some time to get accustomed to your academic surroundings, learn about your peers and form relationships with some of them while also getting comfortable in the campus.
You also need some time for getting a hang of the syllabus and studying in a new way in college. The first year at college is the time to explore horizons and it should start with your own campus. Many electives can come in handy during your college years. These can assist identifying the major that you want and also retain your interest in studies.

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