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A frequency dependent amplifier circuit which is able to work in the audio frequency range of 0 Hz to or outside 20 kHz is called an audio filter. There are various type filters which are found in applications like in graphic equalizers, in sound effects, in synthesizers, cd players and in different kinds of virtual reality systems. We, are always there as a friend in needs to support you with audio filter homework help at any time.

Audio filter is a frequency dependent amplifier and is mainly framed to amplify or to attenuate few frequency ranges. The common types are:

  • Low pass filter:

These kinds of filters are used pass the frequencies much below their cut off frequencies.

  • High pass filter:

It simply does the opposite. It passes the high frequencies above the cut off frequency.

On the other hand, a band is able to pass the frequencies between its two cut off frequencies. This band can eventually reject filters and can attenuate the frequencies between its both the cut off frequencies. If you want to learn more about audio filter, then you must go through audio filter homework help.

According to the given frequency of an all pass filter, it passes all its frequencies but is able to affect the phase of any particular sinusoidal component.

How the audio filters are designed and used?

  • The filters are actually designed in such a way following to a set of impartial criteria such as pass band attenuation, pass bands, stop band and stop band attenuations.
  • In certain complex situations, audio filter can deliver a feedback loop, consisting of resonance and attenuation. These audio filters may also be designed in such a manner so as to provide both gain and attenuation.
  • The artistic value of the filter needs to be checked in some applications individually like in synthesizers.
  • These audio filters can be executed in analog circuit.
  • Broadly, audio filter can be used to mention anything which is able to change the basic harmonic content of an audio signal.

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