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Capital structure is a topic that includes principles from economics, accounting and finance. It is certainly not easy but we provide Approaches to determine Appropriate Capital Structure Assignment Help.

About the topic
Capital Structure provides a description of the ways in which a business corporation finances its various operations and assets. It is nothing but a combination of different sources corresponding to senior debt, equity, stocks as well as mezzanine debt. Sensible organizations always opt for the right combination of debts and equity in order to keep the actual capital cost as low as possible. Depending upon the structural complexity there may be thousands of financing sources in order to produce a holistic financing package. Capital structure describes the link between various such sources as they are displayed on the balance sheet of the corporation. It is referred as the ratio between different types of securities. Examples of sources that may be included in the capital structure of a corporation include:

  • Equity
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Senior debt
  • Working Capital
  • Other alternatives

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