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What is appreciation?

Appreciation refers to an increase in the value of asset over a period of time. This type of increase in value can occur for several reasons:

  • Increase in demand.
  • Fall in supply.
  • Changes in inflation rate.

Appreciation is a positive impact on the value of assets and is the opposite of depreciation which means fall in the value of assets.

Such type of appreciation in asset value can occur for different types of assets such as stocks, bonds, currency or even real estate. In accountancy appreciation refers to an upward movement in the value of assets a company hold in its accounting books. Appreciation in the value of assets is less common in accountancy as they generally work on the depreciation in the asset value. So student often finds it difficult to search for proper appreciation in the value of assets homework help.

Methods to calculate appreciation:

  • Firstly add 1 to the given appreciation rate which is given in decimal values.
  • Secondly the result is then raised to nth term where ‘n’ refers to the number of years. This gives the appreciation value of an asset over certain period.
  • Now multiply the result with the current asset value to get the value of the asset after the above stated period.

There are also other methods by which you can calculate the average appreciation rate of an asset over a period. Thus such calculations and terms are difficult to understand if you take proper guidance. aims at providing appreciation in the value of assets assignment help to its students.

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