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Applaud and Praise the Hard Work of the Students Whenever They Deserve It!

By Sarah J Mitchell
24 Sep, 2015
Appreciation is truly important when it comes to encouraging for finishing their homework every day. Homework is not like playing video games that children shall jump to their feet with the very opportunity of doing it.

But with a little patting of shoulders and with little help of assignment writing Australia, students can be really motivated by teachers and guardians to finish homework with care.

A little acknowledgement is all they need:

  • Little compliments such as, ‘fair’, ‘good’, ‘keep it up’, ‘do much better next time’ or ‘excellent’ and so on can boost confidence of the students and also make them feel good and important.
  • Students treasure appreciation and acknowledgement. Cheer them up whenever they feel low due to less mark in a subject.
  • They can do much better the next time with guidance from assignment writing Australia.

Reduce the amount of homework

  • Do not assign similar homework for a long time. Change the type before students get bored.
  • Reduce the number of assignments. Remember a student has plenty of activities on focus in and outside the curriculum. Thus bulk homework can only deteriorate their academic performance.

Reward the students

  • Offer praises and incentives for submitting correct homework before deadlines.
  • Rewards can include an extra mark, clapping, or include their name in the, ‘best 5 students of the class’ list, where the first name is of the student who submits accurate homework before others!

Students can seek assistance of assignment writing Australia and Australian homework help. Teachers should frankly ask every student individually, what problems they face every day while doing their homework. This approach shall not only boost academic progress of all students, but also help teachers to understand the weak areas of every individual student and give more importance to those topics.

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