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Get an idea about Antitrust in Europe

Antitrust in Europe are the legal rules and regulations that help in checking that the competition in market is not hampered and the big market players are not able to manipulate the prices as well as quantities. It is a necessary step for consumer welfare.

The antitrust laws in the US have shown a way to the world that how malpractices related to curbing competition in an economy can be handled with strict legal rules and regulations and the antitrust regulations in Europe also drew an inspiration from this scenario.

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Some vital information

Antitrust in Europe is empowered by the European competition law that actually is responsible for promoting competition in the European Union. So under such rules and regulations, the anti-competitive strategies of the companies are regulated. The articles 101 to 109 are very important in the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union because they form as a basis of providing direction to the European competition law.

Antitrust in Europe ensures that business firms are not engaged in forming cartels or any other kind of monopoly market structure as otherwise, the interests of the whole society will be at stake. If there would be no antitrust regulations then market can be completely dominated by a few large players, and there can be collisions, mergers, acquisitions, etc. that will lead to the situations like high pricing and inadequate output in relation to goods and services.

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