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Understanding Alternator is essential for students. Alternator means an appliance known as electrical generator, and it works by converting energy from mechanical to electrical. Importance of alternator is there in various fields and thus this has been introduced in study to understand in a better way. Questions of assignments and homework are not very easy unless you have a proper grip over the topic. So, we from are here to provide Alternator homework answers.

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Explain the term alternator

Alternator is the technique of using current as alternating current and thus an electrical generator is considered as the perfect alternator. It works on the principle of Faraday that needs EMF or electromotive force. A magnetic field is introduced to generate AC or alternate current. The generated current must have an unchanged output current. Alternator is used in different fields.

Knowledge of basic terms as a diode, EMF, AC, Faraday’s Law, stator, magnetic field and all related terms are important to make your knowledge perfect. One must have a clear sense of these terms and to make a good grip over the subject it is important to complete homework timely.

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What are the different types of alternator according to its application?

Alternator is used in different ways and thus there are some particular types which are based on its uses. These are –

  • Automotive type –

Advantageous to automobiles and thus it is used in motors nowadays.

  • Diesel-electric in locomotive –

In traction motors this type is applicable to generate electricity.

  • Marine type –

Applicable to marine use only.

  • Radio alternators –

For frequency transmission at lower level.

  • Brushless

It is perfect for electricity generation in power plant

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What are the various ways to classify alternator?

These are –

  • By excitation
  • Rotating part
  • Cooling methods
  • Phases

Phases are also two types of single phase and multiple phases known as poly-phase. Moreover excitation is also classified in three different ways. One must have proper knowledge of it to grab the proper knowledge related to it.

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