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Today there are several business organizations that operate globally. There can be various reasons for which firms choose to carry out several operations in counties other than their home country. All these operations are managed from the head office at their home country though. There are different impacts that international operations have. More about these impacts can be known by visiting advantages and disadvantages of international operations assignment help.

Benefits of international operations

  • When there is sale of products between countries, it automatically increases the savings and incomes of citizens of respective countries.
  • Consumers buying imported products are also benefitted. The products of high quality are made available to people across countries, so even consumers get a variety of products and services.
  • To meet with the standards of products and services globally, resources are used appropriately. Details on optimum utilization of resources can be obtained by checking out advantages and disadvantages of international operations homework help.
  • There is proper distribution of labour.
  • There is scope for earning foreign currency.
  • International operations increase the production amount. Large scale of manufacturing increases profit for the company.
  • There is an increase in employment opportunities due to growth in business. More about employment growth for international operations can be learnt by visiting advantages and disadvantages of international operations assignment help.
  • When business operates globally, the price of products is more stable. Fluctuations in prices are controlled.

Limitations of international operations

  1. Competition to become the best can cause rivalry among the countries.
  2. Trading internationally can cause adverse effect as one nation can affect the other nation’s economy. Moreover the national business of a country can suffer due to continuous import of products.
  3. The developing countries might fail to compete with developed countries due to their improved technologies or capital.
  4. The country that is mainly importing can become completely dependent on the exporting country.
  5. At times there are countries that prefer to export their products rather than selling them in their own country to get more profit. So the consumers of the manufacturing country do not get the products.

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