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Adolescence Can Hamper Your Concentration- Tips to Help Them:

by Dec 30, 2016Assignment Help

Adolescence is the most important phase of our life. If you are one of the members of that age group, you are facing many changes. Every teenager is the victim of turmoil more or less. Parents and teachers might wonder what’s wrong with the kids.

Why are they going through several mood swings so often? Binge drinking, accidental death and homicides spike the teenage phase. It’s the time when you go through sleep disorder, eating disorder and other problems. These random changes often mess up with your concentration. You find it difficult to stay focused.

Everything work gets disturbed whether it’s your study or your hobbies. Are you quite aware of these tantrums? Are you finding the ways to get back the concentration? Here are some easy tips that might help you.

The details about sleep disorder:

Approximately 10% of teenagers suffer due to sleep disorder. Are you one of them? How to get rid of that diagnosed sleep disorder? First, learn some facts about the disorder. Why does it happen? Have you ever wondered?

Sleeping disorders are usually associated with depression or anxiety. Or maybe you are the victim of both. Every kid (within the age group of 12 to 18) requires having an amount of sleep during 9 hours a day. This is strictly recommended by the doctors.

Apart from the technical part, try to find out what’s bothering you. There must be some never ending tension that’s disturbing you.  Often teenagers complain to feel trapped in a particular situation.  Maybe they are not happy with their family.

Maybe in some way, their parents are disturbing them or hurting them. Often family issues become the reason of a teenager’s depression. He/she wants to escape from the ambience.  But that is also impossible to do.

In such situation, they start feeling helpless. Such conditions can lead to sleeping disorders and depression.  Many even develop suicidal tendencies in order to get rid of the trouble. If you are having similar kinds of problems, take it seriously.

But emotional issues are not always responsible for sleep orders. There are some medical facts too. In the years of the adolescent, the most common sleep disorder is the circadian rhythm.

Things to Know:

Almost 10 % of teenagers and 1% of young adults suffer due to this.  It mainly happens because of the hormonal changes.

Withstanding the social pressure is also difficult for the teenagers.  Aren’t you able to find out the reasons behind your troubled mind? Is there any kind of pressure from the society? Have you been ragged by someone? Is there who threats you? Or are you deeply hurt by someone’s behavior? Such issues can mess up with your focus and sleep.

You have to be strong enough to remain untouched. There are none except you, who can trouble your peace of mind. You might be a victim of peer pressure. That can also disturb your mind.  Realizing these things is not always possible for the teenagers.

That’s why they suffer due to so many issues. These maturities come with time. But still, what’s the harm is being aware beforehand?

How to stay focused?

As I have said earlier, you have to locate your problems on your own. But that doesn’t mean there is any general suggestion for you.  Here are some easy and effective steps for your help.

  • Mark the calendar:

As a student, you must be loaded with homework.  Because of your disturbed mind, you seem to forget the deadliness. The best way is to mark the calendar about all the projects.  It would be better if you have a digital one. You can also set a reminder alarm for your tasks.  I am not talking about only study. You can do the same for the rest of the tasks too.

  • Create a weekly planner:

Marking the calendar is the basic.  It would be easier for you if you organize a weekly planner for all of your tasks.  Learn to priorities the tasks on the basis of deadlines. Try to meet every deadline. The teachers will be pleased if you submit on time. None can stop you from scoring high.

  • Find a peaceful location:

If your mind is already disturbed, how can you focus in a noisy place?  At first find out a peaceful place to study. The sitting arrangement must be comfortable.

  • Get every material ready:

Do not waste time while finding the useful materials while studying. Get ready with every material beforehand. You have to focus on only your homework.

  • Take little breaks:

Focusing and concentrating doesn’t mean you have to do things forcefully. You can take short breaks in between. Take 15 minutes break after studying for 1 hour.

  • Get something to eat:

Try to have some energetic drinks and healthy snacks in between studying. That will cheer you up.

  • Talk to your parents:

If you are still unable to focus, talk to someone who is sensitive and supportive. The person might be one of your parents, or teacher or a cousin.  Talk to someone whom you can share your private issues. Seek help about finding the solutions. When your problem is finished, you can easily concentrate on every task.

Hopefully, these easy yet effective tips will help you a lot. If you are still unable to find out the solution, go and check out “8 major problems that brings your grade down – Know the solution”.