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Adjusting Entry Homework Help

Get Best Qualities Adjusting Entry Homework Help from My Homework Help?

Facing difficulties in making adjusting entries? Cannot understand the type of adjusting entries? Well then, wouldn’t it be great if you could get adjusting entry homework help at your own comfort? And why only for adjusting entries? It would be a dream comes true if you could get homework help for all topics in all subjects at very low price at your own comfort!

Well, this isn’t a dream anymore! My Homework help provides help in almost all subject and all topics. Be it a scientific topic or commercial one, help will always be provided for those who ask for it. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t come to us. Now before talking about our services and features, let’s have a look on this particular subject and what sort of difficulties is generally faced by most students.

What are adjusting entries?

They are basically accounting journal entries that change a company’s or organisations accounting records into accrual basis of accounting. They are usually made just before issuing the company’s or organisations financial statement.

They are typically prepared at the end of an accounting period. This is done so that all the incomes earned and all expenses that were suffered during the accounting period are included in the financial statements.

An adjusting entry is very much required to note the revenues that have been earned but not recorded till yet and also the expenses that have been incurred but not noted till yet.

Adjusting journal entries plays an important part in period closing processing, as you will learn through our adjusting entry homework help. It is notable in accounting cycle, where final trial balance is created from preliminary trial balance. Creating financial statements that comply completely with accounting standards is not possible without using adjusting entries.

When are adjusting entries needed?

Primarily, there are two main scenarios where there is a need of adjusting entries before issuing financial statements. They are:

  • A certain revenue or expense has not been entered in the accounting records. However, those revenues or expenses have occurred. Therefore, they must be included in the balance sheet and income statement of present period.
  • An expense or revenue has already been recorded. However, the amount has to be divided into multiple accounting periods.

You can learn about the situations when adjusting entries are required by getting adjusting entry homework help from our experts.

Adjusting entry involves:

  • Income statement account (Insurance Expense, Interest Expense, Service Revenues, etc.)
  • Balance sheet account: (Prepaid Insurance, Accounts Receivable, Interest Payable, etc.)

Example to explain Adjusting Entries

Say, for example you made an advance payment to a certain company for receiving goods and services. Now, until your products are delivered, the amount is reported as an asset, and after your products are delivered and you receive it, you will need to make an entry to report the expense and reduce the amount of asset.

Another example to consider. Let’s say you paid for 8 months of insurance coverage but accounting period is only a month. This denotes that 7 months of insurance expense have already been paid but it is not required to note it as an expense on the current income statement. In this case it is referred as an asset in the name of prepaid expense. After the lapse of 7 months it can be denoted as an expense already paid.

Always remember that an adjusting entry will involve an income statement and a balance sheet account. Don’t know the purpose? Come to us and sign up for adjusting entry assignment help. We shall clear all of your doubts and make you understand everything from the scratch.

Types of accounting transactions requiring adjusting entries

Any type of accounting transaction might require an adjusting entry. When you avail adjusting entry assignment help from us, you will learn about these transactions. Some of the common transactions include:

  • For recording depreciation and amortization for a period
  • For recording allowance for the doubtful accounts
  • For recording an asset’s impairment
  • For recording reserve for sales returns
  • For recording reserve for obsolete inventory
  • For recording accrued revenue
  • For recording warranty reserve
  • For recording an unearned yet previously billed revenue as liability
  • For recording unused but previously paid expenditures as expenses that are prepaid
  • For recording accrued expenses

What is recorded by adjusting entry?

When our experts provide you adjusting entry assignment help, you will learn about the transactions recorded by adjusting entries. Here are the main types of transactions that are recorded by adjusting entries:

  • Unearned revenue or prepaid expenses
  • Accrued revenues and accrued expenses
  • Non-cash expenses

Prepaid expenses

These are basically services or goods that haven’t yet been used by a company, although they have been paid for. Insurance serves as a good example of that. Usually, insurance is prepaid six months before at least, which means the company doesn’t get the complete benefit of the contract until the end of that period, even though it has been paid for.

When you ask our experts to do my adjusting entry assignment, they will explain everything with proper examples. With prepaid expenses, another example would be the end of accounting period. The expenses that are incurred are the only ones recorded, everything else is recorded as prepaid expenses

Unearned revenue

Adjusting entry also records unearned revenue, since these are the incomes that are received from customers, although the services or goods haven’t been provided to them. Therefore, the customers are owed the goods or services from the company, hence the company records the liability in present period until the services or goods are provided.

Accrued revenues and expenses

A lot of the times, expenses are incurred by a company, but it doesn’t have to pay the expenses until later. An example for is are utility bills. An electricity bill for a month is always due the next month.

Since the expense is incurred in the current month, it has to be recorded for that month, regardless of whether it is paid or not. These expenses are shown as liability or accrued in present month until it is paid. The concept of accrued expenses is important, which is why we cover it properly with our adjusting entry homework help.

Non-cash expenses

An adjusting entry can also be used for recording paper expenses such as depletion, amortization and depreciation. Since these expenses are generally calculated on period basis, they are recorded at the end of a period. For instance, depreciation is usually calculated annually, which is why it’s recording is done at the year’s end.

When shall you approach us?

In simple words- whenever you cannot hold of the topic and are facing difficulties! Adjusting entries isn’t easy but it’s not that tough too! With proper and correct help from my Homework help, you can understand it well and get a grip on the topic very fast.
You can come to us whenever you face difficulty in any of the following criteria:

  • Where and when to make the adjusting journal entries
  • What it must involve
  • How it must be prepared
  • Its classification into prepayments and accruals
  • About inventories and estimates

So, whenever you face difficulty in any of the above or need any other assistance with adjusting entry homework help, approach to us. We shall give you expert quality solutions and deliver them to you in shortest period of time at a very reasonable cost.

How can we help?

All these concepts about adjusting entries can easily confuse you. We understand if your homework problems are troubling. We are here to offer you professional help with that.

All you need to do is get in touch with us regarding your adjusting entry homework or assignment problems. Our services are quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about that. Also, we make sure that the payment is completely safe and secure.

The entire process of hiring adjusting entry assignment help is pretty simple. Our experts will be in constant touch with you till your homework solutions are delivered.

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