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If you are learning Accountancy, then you must have known how crucial it is to learn how source Documents, Vouchers and the Origin of Transaction works. The entire financial statement is dependent on these entries and records. But, as experienced academicians delivering classes and lectures in reputed colleges and academic institutions, we have seen students facing problems in understanding the different types of Vouchers. That is why we, at have come up with our Accounting Voucher and its types Homework Help services.

We understand that teachers often do not provide enough time on a specific subject or wing or topic of discussion. Those, who do not have the option of consulting with a teacher in details, regarding the types of Accounting Vouchers, can be hugely benefited with our Accounting Voucher and its types Assignment Help services.

What are Accounting Vouchers?
In simple terms, Accounting Vouchers are paper or electronic evidences or entries of transactions. In most cases, the vouchers are at first manually recorded and then printed, so that it becomes easy to pass the journal entries. The accountant signs it and for every transaction, prepares a separate voucher.

It must be done carefully, as these vouchers and source documents are used later, while auditing. With our Accounting Voucher and its types Homework Help services, it becomes easy for you to understand what it is all about and how these vouchers are prepared.

How to make vouchers?
Students often fail to understand the essential factors that must be kept in mind in making vouchers. At, we always mention these little details through our Accounting Voucher and its types Assignment Help services. The information that these vouchers must contain are –

1. Date.
2. Voucher number.
3. Name and address of company or firm.
4. Details of party to be credited.
5. Details of party to be debited.
6. Revenue stamp.
7. Proof of receiving amount.
8. Signature of officer and accountant of the company.

Types of vouchers:
Accounting vouchers can be of different types. They can mainly be divided into two broad groups such as –

1. Cash vouchers.
2. Non-cash vouchers.

Our expert academicians, who provide the Accounting Voucher and its types Homework Help services, explain the two types of cash vouchers such as Debit Voucher for Cash Payment and Credit Voucher for Cash Receipts. The debit vouchers are prepared for –

1. Paying cash expenses.
2. Payment of investment.
3. Paying bill for buying goods.
4. Depositing money in bank.
5. Payment to creditors.

The credit vouchers are prepared to record –
1. Receipt of income.
2. Cash sale of investment.
3. Cash received from sales.
4. Cash received from debtors.
5. Cash from sale of fixed assets.

The Non-cash vouchers on the other hand will be prepared to record the non-cash transactions such as credit purchase, return of goods, credit sales of fixed investment and assets etc.

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