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When an asset is acquired, the cost of the asset needs to be recorded at the cash amount isknown as the cost concept or principle. Cost is one of the most fundamental concepts in accountancy. For an example: if the price of a laptop is $ 1000, then before it is acquired by a customer, the cost must be recorded as $1000. Are you finding it confusing? Then, why don’t you go through accounting cost concept in accounting homework help from us? We, at are always there to help you with any kind of help.

What does the cost principle mean?

  • It hereby means that the logos and brand names will not be included in the company’s balance sheet.
  • It may also cause the company’s most expensive assets being not included in the balance.
  • If an asset of the company is ready for the market with the quoted price, it may, however, be replaced by the current market value.

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What does the cost principle states as?

  • The amount of cost paid in the transaction is equal to the amount of cost of the thing
  • The actual cost paid for a particular item as recorded every time is actually the cost principle or the basic concept of cost.
  • It may pose a bit tricky if an item is traded for another item. Here, the company would first record the cost of all new assets as the total amount of cash paid along with the value of the cash incurred in trade.
  • Sometimes, the assets on the balance sheet fail to reveal the true picture as they reflect only the historical cost. Whereas, the market price of the product is more authentic and trustworthy.

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