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5 Effective Tips to Teach Math For Slow Learners

By Michelle Johnson
3 Sep, 2016

Tips to Teach Math For Slow Learners

Slow learners are not different from other students in their abilities. Slow learners just take more time to understand a problem. You need special teaching methods and techniques to teach them. Parents must be aware of the fact and support their kids in understanding their subjects properly. Parents along with the teachers must adopt some effective measures in all aspect of their life to sharp and enrich their brains. For math help Click here.

Different techniques and strategies help slow learners to grab the subject easily in a better way.There are several programs for slow learners to improve their brain function. There are learning centers who have useful tools and methods for teaching. These tools help them to engage in math calculations in a very simple way.

These five effective tips you can adopt to teach math to slow learners:

  1. Teach in a small group or teach them individually, if possible
  2. Give themtime to understand
  3. Do not pressurize them every time
  4. Provide practical sessions for them
  5. Teachthem in a fun atmosphere

Teach in a small group or individually, if possible:

Slow learners always need extra attention to get an adequate response from them. In a small group, teachers can focus on the specific disability of the student and help them in understanding math problems. Teachers can provide tricks to understand and solve those problems.

You have another option to teach them. The online tutors, they will focus on a single student at a time and help them to understand the problems with some special tricks. These tutors find the weak point of the student and teach them how to strengthen that particular area. Students can take homework or assignment help to complete it in time. They are more focused in career building of a student, then just teaching.

  1. Give time to understand:

A slow learner takes more time in calculations and to solve any math problem. You have to give them proper time. Sometimes extra time is needed to understand that problem and find out the answer. It will help the slow learner to extract their abilities, and you can guide them how to solve the problems in a quicker way.

  1. Do not pressurize slow learners:

When a slow learner is not able to find out the answer, then do not pressurize them. Just encourage them every time. Otherwise, it may hamper their mental stability, and the confidence level will depreciate. You have to provide in-depth knowledge that how to manage their time to solve a particular type of question. It helps them in solving the next problem efficiently.

  1. Provide practical sessions:

The practical sessions are the best technique to teach them. Small calculations like addition, subtraction and multiplication, you can explain ina practical manner. For example, a teacher can teach addition and subtraction with the number of flowers or pen and pencils.

These objects will also attract them and engage them in studying. They provide more attention and it becomes easy for them to understand it quickly. You can also use other practical things for students like fruits, number of people and family members.

  1. Teach students in a fun atmosphere:

Whether you are a kid or a man, you always love to havefun. The kids always choose the funny environment to play and stay. Certainly, ahealthy atmosphere is an essential factor in their learning. Students understand better in a friendly environment.

A slow learner can grab more knowledge in a fun and creative way. You can provide math games to play. Teachers can provide math activities to do. For example, a teacher can send his student to go out and calculate the number of trees in the backyard and different colors of flowers in the garden.

But the online tutors have special techniques to refine skills of a slow learner. They judge the lack in students quickly and furnish those skills in a handy way. The slow learners have the same capabilities thata normal student can do. These tutors are professionals who follow the case and come out with a good idea that how to make their mind sharper.

Few more tips for your kids:

Some of the slow learners need sound therapy. Sound therapy is one of the most effective practices. It utilizes the sound instruments to produce sounds that stimulate the muscles near the ear hole and help in transmission of sounds in the brain. It helps them to listen carefully and understand the subject quickly.

Cognition training is also a way to improve their brain functions. The brain fitness is much essential to gather knowledge and information and store them. It helps to memorize anything that happened. It not only helps a slow learner but other humans too. The cognition can be attained by physical exercises, healthy nutrition foods. Itcontributes to challenging the cognitive activities. The brain fitness helps a slow learner to grab math problems. They solve the problems with more concentration, and it helps in the student’s growth.

You can also give areward to the slow learners. If a slow learner cansolve the math problem in time, then he will be rewarded. You have to choose the parameters of rewards. Rewards like pen and pencil, math games, free time to enjoy will be helpful. The slow learning processes have some advantages which your child will get:

  • A slow learner has enhanced math calculation skills which he/she can apply to solve the problems quickly.
  • Slow learners are more attentive and have better working
  • Slow learners always have better preparation and question handling techniques.
  • With sound therapy, slow learners become sharper, and the listening power improves sufficiently.

That means everyone has the capability to do work. We need to provide them a proper channel to improve their abilities. Parents must search for good tutors for their kids. There aretutorial centers for the students. You should take tips for selecting a tutoring center for kids with learning problems. It will help you to make a quick decision.

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