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5 Effective Steps to Avoid Procrastination for Your Assignments

by Jun 1, 2017Assignments

Procrastination is a way of leaving some things for the later period. It is a kind of practising less important on a priority basis and avoiding the important one or delaying.  If the assignment is at University level, it may affect the grades and scores.  When a deadline of a project comes then you hurdle yourself and it leads to procrastination for the assignment.

Highlights of avoiding procrastination

  • Set your goals
  • Never leave things for last minute
  • Remain focussed

No take too much stress of the work:  Relaxation, insufficient rest and poor time management is the cause of having stress.

Make a to-do list

Everyone feels that it is quite unfashion now days to make work to do check list. But the point is that one needs to make a check list for everything whether it is small or big. You must divide whole day into small bits in those check list. After that it make you go through a feeling of proud if you realising visually diminishing list of work mentioned in the list. Focus on things that you do not that you do on a regular basis.

Re-evaluate the list half a day

One must also re-evaluate the list at the mid of day and again do the ranking of the work on priority basis. Always prefer to keep a notebook with yourself from the starting of day. Put every thought in that book which comes into the mind at the time of doing a work. This is helps in avoiding procrastination for your assignments.

One must finish the hard stuff first which is bogging the mind as it gives you the feeling of being extra productive. It might happens that project which student have to do is very big and not possible to get finished in one single sitting, then there is need to divide the project into small bits.

For long projects make an ultimatum or set a deadline of completing the project. As it help one’s to remain focussed. Seeing the ultimatum list on daily basis keeps one thing in mind of student of completing that project as soon as possible.

When you got works which do not like to do and considers it putting off then one must ask yourself that how much time this work will take? If the work really takes half an hour to one hour related to study then must push you in spending that much time.

Proper management of time for doing the work

Avoid distractions such phones, magazines, social media to avoid wastage of time when working on assignments. The best way of doing the same is that when you were making a list of task to do along with that mentioned the amount of time that you will prefer to give to one task.

When you prepare a list must have proper breaks at a frequent intervals to avoid being mentally tired.

Avoid distractions also helps in avoiding procrastination

It includes mom calling when doing an assignment so one must put noise cancelling headphones, turn of phones and other temptations such as guitar. If you are fond of internet surfing and especially when you are working on computer especially the avoid surfing other sites and focussed should only be on project.

Timer on the computer should be set at the time of doing project. Apart from that there are also many word processing programs which help in blocking your screen such as taskbar at the bottom.

Motivate yourself

The major of procrastination of task is that student work under the pressure. One needs to make a deadline of your work for your own even if you don’t have deadlines for that particular project. So must reward yourself also when project completed at a deadline. The efficient way of bring motivation is positive reinforcement. Rewards can also be in form of watching television, going out with friends, surfing on social media sites.

Take a friend’s help:  Sometimes a student not able to complete a project on its own and felt a need of friend’s assistance. It’s quite natural when you visit a friends, distraction goes with you. When you visit your friend’s place divide the time for work and after that of fun you had with your friends. It makes focused and on track.

Apart from that one can also take the help and assistance of online tutor services or assignment help which is available round the clock as per the need and requirement of student. It makes the lengthiest and difficult convert into simpler projects. For that one need to do a research work at the fullest.

Avoid multiple tasking:

Avoid doing multiple tasks and over pressure yourself with too much of projects. Finish one task at one time and no need to jump on other tasks.

Benefits of overcoming with procrastination

  • Less Pressure
  • Better performance
  • Less errors in the assignment
  • Time for getting proof reading

Always keep a positive thinking in your mind and never use a vocabulary such as ‘NO’ even how challenging or daunting an assignment can be. Always keep in mind one vocabulary that ‘I CAN DOT IT’ either by speaking to guide or by doing your self-help. This motivation helps in overcoming with the habit of procrastination.

Getting over come with the habit of procrastination is not a miracle and not happens round the clock. It is a time taken process; always prefer to complete the project in small parts instead of doing a project in a big way. It becomes less daunting and manageable. Once you realise that you have issues of procrastination, start working on the same and not let this habit affect your job and relation.