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5 Easy Steps to Master Yourself in Biology

by Sep 13, 2016Biology

Biology is a subject that not everyone is fond of. Many tend to find this subject a little complicated and difficult. In school students are usually pressured to memorise and mug up terms and concepts. Mugging up can only lead to forgetting what you have studied and then making a big blunder during your exams. This can reduce their interest on the subject and can also make them dislike the subject.
But that is not it; you can grow your interest on this subject if you are tutored properly with proper practical sessions. Not all science students opt for this subject in their high schools because they think it is a difficult subject. It is not at all a difficult subject if you know the exact ways to master yourself in it.
You need to understand the terms precisely and get proper practical sessions so that you can learn from the things you get to see. All you need is proper tutoring and you will fall in love with the subject.
What is biology?
Before we go into details let us look into the definition of biology in simple words. Biology covers all areas related to the living organisms. It is a science that deals with the life of all the different kinds of living organisms. Biology does not just teach us about ourselves but also focuses on the living organisms surrounding us.
 Basic Biology principles
There are five basic principles of biology today that include the cell theory, laws of thermodynamics, evolution, the gene theory and homeostasis.

  • The cell theory –

The cell theory shows that the cell is the most important unit of life and all the living organisms are made up of a thousand of cells in their body.

  • Laws of thermodynamics –

This law proves that the energy remains constant and the transformation of energy is not completely efficient in all cases.

  • Evolution –

Changes that occur with time in organism due to many different reasons

  • Gene theory –

Through the transformation of genes certain kinds of traits are inherited by their young ones.

  • Homeostasis –

This maintains a constant relationship between the environment and the body.
Tips and tricks for understanding biological concepts
Mugging up should never be an option since it will only ruin your exams. It is like looking at a pile of building materials and trying to remember all the things present there which is next to impossible. You will start growing an interest for a subject once you choose to understand and not mug up.
There is no specific way of remembering terms. Whatever way you are comfortable in, that should be the way.
Five easy ways to master yourself in biology
If you are having a difficult time understanding the terms and concepts used in biology, you need to go through the five easy ways to master yourself in biology. These five simple steps are for you to understand the terms and concepts better.
The five easy ways are as follows –

  1. Break down the term –

There are many complex terms in biology that you will need to work on. One easy way to remember the complex terms is to break down the words. When you come across a complex word break it down and then try to find their root. This way it will easier for you to remember the term.

  1. Understand the basic concepts before going into complex ones –

Do not take a lapse in this case. You need to understand the general concepts properly before going into the more complex ones. If you skip a chapter, you will be wasting your time being lost and not understand the chapter.

  1. Practical sessions –

Practical sessions are very important in biology. It is in these sessions that you get to test what you have studied during your theory session. When you work on the experiments yourself, all the things you learn during these practical sessions will stay with you for a long period of time.

  1. Drawings –

Drawings are a must in biology. It helps you understand concepts and also helps you remember all the information of a particular topic. For example, the different parts of a human body become easier to understand when you have a drawing of it in front of you.

  1. Weekly tests –

If you want to know how much you have understood a chapter you need to sit for a test every week. You can even arrange for a test at home where you can ask your siblings, parents or relatives to prepare a set of questions for you.
These are the five easy ways to master yourself in biology. If you follow these few easy steps then there is no way you will face any problem in this subject. You will start growing interest for this subject and the best part about this subject will be the practical sessions where you will get to experiment with the things learned in class.
Dos and Don’ts of biology

  • You need to study everyday
  • You need to make sure that you read the chapter before class
  • Spend more time in the lab to see how much you have understood a chapter
  • You need to ask questions whenever you have a doubt


  • You cannot miss a class since that way you will missing out on a lot of things taught in class and you will be lacking behind
  • Make sure there is no planarization in the terms you use during your exams. You need to understand the terms and write on your own
  • Do not take the subject for granted and wait until the day before your exams to cover up the whole syllabus
  • You cannot procrastinate your studies

Homework can also be another way to understand the subject better. You cannot ignore homework if you want to make lessons easier for you. To get more information on how to get your homework done you can refer to different professional websites.