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Tips on How to Write a Research Paper Without Plagiarizing

The best part about writing research papers is that it is possible to get lots of information on the topic online. The difficult part is that it is not easy to escape the plagiarism trap. Most of us when writing research papers tend to copy a few phrases or words that end up throwing plagiarism.

To avoid the plagiarism in your research papers and know how to write a research paper without plagiarizing it is important to follow these tips. This is important to make sure that the document that you present is free of plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism

Here is how to write a research paper without plagiarizing.

Paraphrasing information that is found on the website causes plagiarism. You have found information on the internet pertaining to your research topic but avoid copying it from the internet directly on your research paper. Read the jist and then put it down in your own words. Also be aware to not copy more than two words as mentioned in the internet text.

  • Citing is one great way in which you can avoid plagiarism. Follow the guidelines for document formatting as per the educational institution. Citing is simple and helps to avoid plagiarism.
  • Quoting from a source can be done in exactly the same way in which it appears. No one will want that he is misquoted. You need to be able to paraphrase most of the material and this is something that takes time but eventually pays off. The quoting should be done properly to avoid any allegations of plagiarism.
  • When citing a quotation it is different from how you cite the paraphrased material. For this you need to add page numbers or a paragraph number.
  • When citing material that you had used in the past it is important that you cite yourself. The text has to be treated similar to as if someone else has written it. When you use material that was written by you before then this is known as self plagiarism and is equally not acceptable.
  • Another great way to avoid plagiarism in your content is to include a reference page. Make sure that the page meets the formatting guidelines used by the institution. There ferencing has to be done right.

Checking the research papers

When you edit the research paper that you have written take care that you check for any plagiarism before submitting it. It is important to understand how to write a research paper without plagiarizing and use the tips stated to avoid plagiarism. There are also many plagiarism checking software tools to check the research papers submitted by students. Rectifying plagiarism in research papers is important because it could impact your grades and your career.

Understand the various definitions of plagiarism

There are many kinds of plagiarism and you should be mindful of them.Plagiarism is when one uses information from someone else’s writing and he does not use proper citation to give credit to the information. There are many variations to it and the circumstance could also affect the consequence.

The first consequence is a serious one where you use the ideas of other people and write the paper as your own and express the similar ideas as if they are your own. If you put information in the research paper that is common knowledge or if you give in some opinion that is your own then that is not plagiarism, but if a student copies ideas directly from some other research paper or from a published article then this is totally inexcusable.

The second form of plagiarism is when you type the research paper and accidentally use your citations inadequately. You will be told that you have at tributed the information correctly in one Para but will need anothercitation in another Para.

Also if you include some information in your research paper and cite an incorrect source for it then that too is plagiarism. This could either be a minor or a major offense if you write material out of thin air and then cite the random articles that may not really support your point,and then it will be seen as cheating.

The last plagiarism type is when the student pastes content and then fails to designate it as a direct quote. When this happens then it gets flagged in the plagiarism checker. Make sure that to avoid this you do not leave any content that is not original in your paper.

How can you paraphrase the content without plagiarizing?

To be able to know how to write a research paper without plagiarizing and pass the plagiarism checker is not the same as creating no plagiarism. It could happen that you run your paper through a plagiarism checker and your content passes the plagiarism test even if you gave copied content from other articles. The plagiarism checker will throw plagiarism when you have used word combinations as is found in the internet. This plagiarism checker will not tell if the idea written is original or not. The technology is not really that advanced still and creating new ideas on the same topic may not be possible.

Every academic writing is unoriginal

It is not possible to come up with new ideas when people are writing down on the same topic for some many years.So how to write a research paper without plagiarizing?There are no new ideas and if you think of writing a content that is not original then it could make a substantial assertion.

The professor who assigns a research paper to you does not want content that is original. You are thus expected to take information from previous papers and articles that have already been published. As a research student you need to find relevant information.

You get the information from various sources. This could be from the library database, published articles in books and on the internet. Once you get all the relevant information then it makes it easy for you to collate them and then frame them well to create your own research paper. Always makes sure to follow the guide less properly so that your article seems to be unique and that it does not look directly copied from a single content.

Take information from many sources, create a structure and then write down your own research paper.

The tips on how to avoid plagiarism in your research article

  • Add a citation –

This is actually the easiest part. If you paste some paragraph then be sure to put the name of the author at the end of the paragraph. When you add a citation to your article your article is free of plagiarism. This way you are giving the author the credit to his writing and not letting the readers know that it was your idea.

  • Use synonyms –

When you paraphrase you pass the plagiarism checker. So paste paragraphs and paraphrases them to pass the plagiarism checker. You can the nuse the synonyms tool on Misword to use the synonym of the words.

  • The sequence and the structure of the content should be changed. This will let you change the original content to a totally new content. Also elaborate the original content and add words so that it passes the plagiarism This will help to use the original content and your research article will look unique.

The three stages of writing a plagiarism free research paper

The below tips will let you know how to write a research paper without plagiarizing. Write the research papers that are unique and saves you from being accused of usinga particular paragraph plagiarism content.

The preparation stage

  • Read the text provided many a times and get a clear idea of what it wants to state
  • Read the introduction because it gives you the main gist.
  • Make note when you write a particular paragraph and highlight the things that you think are important.
  • Underline the lines that you think you will want to use in your content, however make sure that you do not use long phrases and keywords.

Writing the paper

  • Use your own words because it makes your content unique.
  • When you paraphrase a sentence then do not just change the order butrewrite the complete article yourself.
  • When you copy the exact words there is no way you can saveyourself from plagiarism.
  • Do not use many quotes but use those that are important to increase the understanding of the research paper.

The final step

  • When you cite sources make sure that it is in according to the required style.
  • Make a list of the sources from where you have gathered the necessary data for the work that you have done.
  • You should use an online checker to see if the research paper passés the plagiarism

What if you get accused of plagiarism?

If you get caught of plagiarised content in your article then you can be accused of academic fraud. It could also lead to expulsion from the program. It is not difficult for your professor to know that the content is plagiarised and he will easily be able to find out that the content is not original. So follow all the tips on how to write a research paper without plagiarizing.

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