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Time Versus Quality – How to Write Quality Essays Under Exam Conditions?

Essay writing is no less than an art. For someone who is a student or a research fellow, writing is a major part of his study course. One who is in the field knows quite well that one needs to be precise and be skillful in quality of writing. The grammar and language standard is one check, the rest of the quality checks lie in proper vocabulary, researched data and its overall presentation.

With time constraints, the entire experience becomes quite a thrilling combination. Every student faces this and wonders how to write an essay under exam condition!

Students usually panic about essay writing during their papers- The reason being obvious that essays usually consume a lot of time. Exams are a test for how far students can manage his time while giving quality answers. Thus, writing a good essay within a certain time frame is no less than a challenge.

How to write an essay under exam condition?

Knowing the topic

For instance, when a student faces the question paper and comes across the essay topic, his first and foremost job is to understand what the topic highlights.

I remember there was a time in my eighth grade when I was asked to narrative based essay on my experience to my first time visit to a certain museum. Alas! My problem was the language and my misunderstanding. The paper was in Sanskrit and the word museum in Sanskrit was a word out of my conscious dictionary. I panicked and hoped to manage the topic without even understanding what the question is demanding from me.

Well, let’s say, I did not get flying colors in the subject that year. After that one incident I was always prepared to brace myself for any kind of topic, understand what the question requires from his writers, and eventually give it a shot.

Planning the outline

Planning is a wonderful step in whichever phase you implement it. Be it a major project, a presentation for your official work, a civil engineer’s bridge development mission, or a student’s dilemma in how to write an essay under exam condition.

For the ones who are well acquainted in organizing their complicated life into simple facets of planned elements, they know the wonders of planning. For instance, if one thinks about essay writing, he or she will be attacked with thousands and may be numerous points once he/she understands the question requirement.

Suppose, one talks about the genetically viable seeds and its growing benefits in today’s world. One may point out the introduction as to why these variety of seeds are essential today. One may also begin with the rising trend of genetics and how this branch of biology has been a savior for the human survival. Similarly, one may get countless views one he understands the topic. It is preferred to mention all these points in your essay. However, our mind is quite volatile; given the number of diversions one may be attacked with while he is busy thinking about the essay topic.

What to do?How to write an essay under exam condition while keeping in mind the time constraints?


They are the best solution to summarize all your thoughts in singular expressions. These keywords may be arranged or aligned according to the blueprint of the essay, giving a defined structure of one’s essay. Looking at the blueprint one may have a brief idea, how the essay will sum up.

Do you think this will consume much time?

Now if you are wondering how to write an essay under exam condition within the given time, planning is the best way to go ahead. Take as much as one-two minutes to think of the perfectly fitting keywords and make points. This will thus, help you while writing the fair draft and act your guide.

Begin writing

Let us sub divide this portion into the number of paragraphs that are highly mandatory to be incorporated in any type of essay. Narrative, descriptive, persuasive or argumentative, there is a format that needs to be followed y every essay writer. For school and college students who are rather worried about how to write an essay under exam condition, format, timing and quality are some of the necessary criterion, one need to keep in mind while writing essays.

  • Thesis writing
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The question speaks about picture essays, for instance. Picture essays are rather observing as well writing skill based essays that require students to look at a given picture, study it, and thus base your essay, mostly narrative or descriptive, on one’s observation. For example, the picture speaks about the poverty of a nation while emphasizing the unequal and unbiased wealth distribution.

The writer now has to catch the point and enlist his keywords in a point to point list as a part of his rough (smart) work. Once done, one should begin his writing with a brief, a maximum of two-three sentences, to describe the picture and give a hint to the readers what his body of essay contains.

Thus, a thesis is one of the important parts of an essay structure valuing for making the first impression while making sure not to lengthen or stretch it by any chance. With the help of keywords, a thesis can take as much as a minute (at most).


The introduction, will be lengthier than the thesis, shorter than the body, highlighting the topic quite vividly and thus, allowing your readers to embrace the topic. It will take another minute or two, to merge the keywords and form a small paragraph as the introductory stanza.


Without panicking too much wondering how to write an essay under exam condition, it rather required to focus on managing your time and squeezing every second in speeding up your writing. The body will sum up all your keywords and present them all. The only job now is to write them down in defined, un-erroneous sentences, marking the vocabulary while keeping in mind to use strong literature words for better emphasis.


Weigh your argument, see that all the keywords, and ask yourself, “Do you have any other relevant points that can be added?”

If you get satisfactory answers, you may well end your writing smoothly with a concluding tone and thus, bring the readers’ attention towards the end.

How to write an essay under exam condition is a question, a student should ask himself as a part of his preparation for the exam. Once he does, he will definitely find a solution only if he is willing to make a step by step process. Keywords, as I pointed out earlier, are a real savior!

Good luck!

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