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This Is Our Honest Attempt to Teach Readers How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

Whenever we hear the word autobiography, instantly we draw an image of some famous personality in our mind. In reality, anyone can write an autobiography. The first thing that will come in our mind is “what have I done in my life worth writing?” But we must understand a very simple fact; we are all special and unique in our own way.

Why do we need to learn how to write an autobiographical essay?

Before we talk about how to write an autobiographical essay we must understand where we might need to write an autobiography or memoir. Most commonly we are asked to write about our self when we join a new class or when we apply for a new job. An autobiographical essay is probably easiest to write but the only thing that makes it difficult is we lack the writing skills to arrange it properly. As a result, the reader does not get a clear image reading our essay. The objective of writing is to create an image about you in someone’s mind irrespective whether the image is good or image.

Professional tips before we talk about how to write an autobiographical essay:

In this blog, we will be talking about how to write an autobiographical essay. But before we start with our tips, we must understand what the purpose of writing the essay is. If we are doing some academic assignment, we may talk about some small affairs in our life which brought joy to your life but when we write the memoir for some job application. The scenario changes completely. In the job application, the memoir should be small, crisp and only talk about experiences that changed your life in a positive direction. It is safe to avoid writing about some negative incidents that happened to you as that may give a bad perception to the HR. the necessity of keeping the memoir short is the HR of a company does not have a lot of time to spend on one single application.

There are many people who wish to write an autobiography just for fun. In this type of essays, the writer has the freedom to open his heart out and place it on the page. These essays may become a source of motivation for the writer himself in tough times as well.

Few points are there which a writer must keep in mind before we start explaining how to write an autobiographical essay. Firstly, in a rough page make a few columns and write down about all the good experiences that happened in your life in one of those columns. In the next column, write all about the bad experiences you had to date. Now, there is a famous quote from the Netflix Series House of Cards where Kevin Spacey says “there is some pain which makes you strong and some are simply useless.” In your essay talk about all those unfortunate incidents that happened with you which shaped you to the man, you are today. In the next column, talk about all the accomplishments in your life; whether those achievements really matters to you today. In the following column, try to write all the first-time experiences in life. That experience may be about your first day in school or about the day you lost your virginity or maybe the first day you saw your wife crossing the road. These will help the readers or listeners to understand you better. In the final column, talk about all the trials you took in life and failed horrendously. When you talk about your failures, never feel ashamed rather put a bright smile on your face and glow in your eyes so that listeners can understand it is ok to mess up life once in a while.

Once you have successfully made the plan about how to write an autobiographical essay, there is very little left for us to do. Now, take a new diary or fresh parchments and start writing. Here, you might get stuck. The question may come to your mind about how to start an autobiographical essay. The simplest way one can start his autobiography is beginning from his childhood. We all know it is not possible for us to remember our childhood; use your mother’s reference. Try to write about your nature, whether you were talkative or active. You can even write “my mother used to say I always used to torture people with lots of questions and I always had a bad habit of putting everything in my mouth”. You can even crack a joke or two if the setting of the place is casual. If your audience setting is formal, avoid cracking jokes and stick to your point.

The smooth transition of your different stages of life is the essential chapter of our how to write an autobiographical essay guide:

After you have started writing, now try making a smooth transition from your childhood to who you are today. Try to tell the audience what you are up to these days. If you are student talk about how you decided to pick your major if you are job seeker try to talk why you feel this company needs you more than anyone else. Once you are back to the present start talking about some of the experiences you had in life which made you the way you are today. You should feel free to talk about the loss of a family member and how you overcame that grief. Always try to portrait yourself as an ambitious person, talk about your goals and how badly you wish to achieve them but if you fall in the category of laid-back guys, do not feel ashamed to say that. But try to write in a way which will not create a negative image in a person’s mind. For example, say “I am a person who loves to keep my feet grounded in reality and live in the present world. I take every day as a new challenge and never set any long-term goals.” This will not only impress your audience but they will praise you for honesty.

How to write an autobiographical essay and things to cover?

Whenever we teach our readers about how to write an autobiographical essay, we always ask them to write about some personal experience which is very close to your heart. When you talk about that experience, give a vivid description of the setting of the place. For example, when you talk about holding your baby girl for the first time; tell the readers about the setting of the hospital, that nauseating smell, the expression of your wife or how your hands felt when you took that little baby in your hand. This will surely make you gain some female fan followers.

Talking about ups and downs in one’s life is another important chapter of our how to write an autobiographical essay guide:

There is another thing which we tell our readers when we talk about how to write an autobiographical essay, always talk about your ups and downs of your life. Every one of us loves to be motivated in some way. So, when you talk about your lows and how you managed to get back yourself back on your fit will surely be appreciated by the audience. For example, talk about how you had drop one year of your academic life because you lost focus from life and ended up becoming an addict. After that talk about how you got rid of all your addictions and aced your examination after a year. This will not only give motivation to an addict but also to a student who had to drop his studies for a year because of some reasons. After you have talked about the life story, conclude your essay. An autobiographical essay is never complete without a good conclusion. In your conclusion always try to give a positive vibe. Try to say something “This is my life story; I have seen many ups and many downs. But I never felt more motivated when I started my journey of getting back on my feet after falling flat on my face. So, I am looking forward to every challenge, lows and every failure yet to come because deep inside I know, I can beat all odds and end up winning the race.”


This is our elaborate guide about how to write an autobiographical essay. We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and slightly motivated you to try your hands on writing your autobiography. A person does not need to be famous to write his biography. We are special and unique the way we are and if you ever have doubts regarding that try talking with your loved ones. They will remind how unique you are.

So, take some parchment papers and with a mug of coffee start jotting down the points that are going to feature in your autobiography.

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