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This Is How You Write on Personal Narrative Topics

“A personal narrative essay is an essay where you write about personal topics”.

In most cases it is therefore written in first person. It is very important that this essay has a great impact on the reader.

When you are writing on the personal narrative topics make sure that you keep some important points in mind. If you do so then it will certainly serve your purpose.

It is also important that a lot of references from sensory perceptions and emotions are taken into account. Here there is also a lot of use of both imagery as well as vivid details.Personal narrative topics are quite interesting and you will surely love to read those topics.

Proper structure of a personal narrative

The opening of a particular essay is very important. It is through this opening that you get to know the true essence of this essay. After going through the opening, it is important for a reader to understand what one is going to read.  Maintaining proper structure of the Personal narrative topics is important because

The body on the other hand will provide details to the reader about what happened. The readers will also get to know how authors feel about the same. Here story that the author wants to tell will be told in a chronological manner.

Facts here will be grouped by both type as well as importance. In the last paragraph the entire story needs to come to an end. Here it can either be an idea, a lesson or an experience that is worth learning.Personal narrative topics are becoming highly popular these days.

What are the things that need to be included in a good narrative essay?

When you are writing a good essay then there are some very interesting facts that you should include.If you include these facts in your personal narrative topics then it will certainly be highly beneficial for you.

  • First you need to record as to what things you should include as part of story. This will definitely help in organizing the story and also properly establish a flow in writing.
  • It is also important to include both dialogues as well as anecdotes in these essays.
  • Make sure that you make use of certain transitory words that will help you to connect the various sentences. These transitory words include words like however, therefore etc.
  • It is important that sentence structure varies and this certainly makes this narrative essay much more interesting. So adding certain complex, interrogative and compound sentences will also be a very good idea.
  • Make sure that words are high descriptive, exciting active, precise, emotional and also lively.Personal narrative topics have to be interesting.

Different types of narrative essays

  • Argumentative or Persuasive essay

It is very important that argumentative or the persuasive essay does pick up a certain viewpoint and this is supported by Statistics, data etc. Here the main purpose of the author is to convince the reader with certain conclusions and proofs.In other words it is very important that the reader will accept what the author or the writer believes. These essays need to have a proper logic as well as reasoning and it should be supported by arguments as well as facts.

  • Comparison Essay

In a comparison essay there are two or more points that need to be compared. Both similarities as well as differences have to be brought out. There are certain researches that have to be done. It actually does not matter as to what facts are there. The important thing is that they can be understood easily.

  • Descriptive Essay

There are also descriptive essays where there are certain questions that need to be answered. These essays include questions like how, what, why when, where etc.

You have the option of writing these essays on all subjects that include animal, event, person, place, memory etc. Here the writer will tell the reader about what he thinks or feels about a particular topic. Here the author might also recount his experiences.

  • Narrative Essay

Here in this essay there is a certain story that needs to be told. From this type of an essay the reader might get a lesson. When the story is being told then there is a story told that has a lot of important emotional language as well as sensory details?

In this type of an essay, details that are reflected are of a very personal nature and that is the reason, many a times it becomes a personal narrative essay.

This is how you write an essay on personal narrative topics

  • Clarity

When you are writing an essay, it is very important that you do not make use of certain syntaxes or complex words. This definitely helps the reader to understand the subject matter better. Make sure that ideas are very well distributed.

  • It is always recommended to avoid the 2nd person narrative

A very important part of a narrative essay is that a writer should always write about certain events that he has already experienced. It is a good idea to write in the present tense.

  • It is very important that make this reading extremely important for readers

It is essential that choice of words is dynamic. Sounding too clinical is also not a very good idea. Try using those phrases, words, idioms and slangs that you use everyday. Make sure that

  • Avoid using too many references

When you are writing a narrative then make sure that you do not make use of too many references. This actually disrupts the flow of the essay. When you are writing a narrative then make sure that you keep explaining yourself while you are writing. This will certainly make your writing an interesting one.

This type of an essay is a rhetorical tool and it will certainly help readers to draw proper conclusions. Make sure that the story moves into proper direction.

Topics of Personal narrative essays

A personal narrative should always be written on personal experiences. This will certainly be a very good idea. If you want to know more about the topics of personal narrative essays then you can certainly go through the topics given below:

  • Writing about your first day in school can certainly be one of the best topics. Here you will be able to share your personal experiences. If you want you can also write about one of your most exciting days in school.
  • Another topic that you can write on is your field trip that you have taken in school.
  • Summer Vacation is a very interesting time. So writing about a personal experience of summer vacation is absolutely important.
  • An interesting or an exciting trip will certainly be very interesting.
  • You can write about a time when you had some very frightening experiences.
  • An experience that actually changed your outlook towards life.
  • You have the option of writing about a person that helped you to change your life.

Things to keep in mind when writing a personal narrative

  • First you need to choose the right topic

The most important thing when you start writing an essay is choosing the topic. If you choose a topic that is an interesting one then it will certainly be beneficial for you. You will be able to write a lot of interesting details and that will certainly interest the readers as well.

  • Brain storming is very much essential

If you put in specific details with imageries then it will certainly be very interesting. This will make the essay quite lively. It is necessary that each and every chapter of this essay is explained in details. It is necessary for you to ensure that the chapters are not very lengthy.

  • It is better to give a proper overview with senses as well as emotions. Fiction is something that is not at all encouraged. It is always better to avoid stories in your personal narrative topics.

When you are writing personal narrative topics then it is important that others read about those essays. If you follow a proper structure and choose the topic properly then your personal narrative topics will surely be liked by others. So you need not wait any longer. You can choose a good topic and start writing the essay of your topic.

Personal narrative topics can be written by anyone who likes to write. You simply need to be a little creative and love writing about the topic on which you are writing. If you include some good imagery then it will certainly be a good choice.

There are different types of topics on which you can write. However, it is important that you write about a topic that is most interesting for you. This will certainly make your writing all the more appealing. More and more people will read your essay. So do not wait any longer. Take a pen and start writing an essay.

When you are writing an essay then you would certainly want everyone to read it. If you follow proper steps then your essay will be an interesting one.

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