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Production processes are the common factor that is mutual for most corporations. Where money on basicities like equipment, transportation, capital goods and depreciation charges are important, keeping count of those costs is also necessary for a company. However, it is not just the responsibility of the companies to know and maintain this fact. Microeconomics students like you too, require having proper info of this topic. The shapes of the cost curves homework help manual is an effective tool that we present to every economics student to get their facts cleared on this topic.

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What do you understand by cost curves?

Cost curve is expressed as a curve which is related to production cost. This production cost is taken as functionality, highlighting produced quantity in totality. These curves are extremely helpful in recognizing optimal points so that costs can be minimized and there is generation of more profit.

Reason for U shape of average cost curve

Level of output is seen to be low because of 2 factors. They are average variable costs and average fixed costs. Now, you also need to consider this fact that this level will not remain constant. As there will hike in the output level, there will be a decline in average cost. Another of the effects which is included in this movement is the combined effect of decreasing average variable and average fixed costs. Due to these movements, shape for the curve of average cost is U.

With the help of the shapes of the cost curves assignment help manual, we explain you the other curve shapes and the reasons of their formations.

Important points regarding this topic

Some of the relevant points are:

  1. There are certain external factors depending on which changes in costs are observed. Some of these factors are like a hike in wages, increase in raw material prices and much more.
  2. An alteration in output is one of the reasons which bring a change in curve. If output is constant, you will not see any change in the shape of curves.
  3. Spread on fixed cost over a certain number of units is the cause for higher average total cost at lower output level.

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