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The Points to Keep In Mind While Selecting Argumentative Research Paper Topics!

How to Prepare You for the Presentation?

There comes a dreadful time in every student’s life when he is asked to write an argumentative research paper. Unfortunately, these days arrive several times each semester. The problem about writing an argumentative paper is the student needs to do a thorough research on the topic and very often Google disappoints us when it comes to the research paper.

The student spends hours procrastinating instead of working on the topic. We all know how difficult student life has become in recent times. A student barely gets time to do something which he loves to do because he is busy preparing class assignments which need to be submitted tomorrow.

In this blog, we will try to make things easier for a student when it comes to writing argumentative research papers:

What will be your argumentative research paper topics?

The first thing the student must do is to pick good argumentative research paper topics. Now, picking a topic may appear to be a very easy task but let us assure you it is not at all simple. The topic that a student decides to write on must have some base on which an argument can be done.

For example:

If a student picks a topic like the trauma of sexual harassment in the workplace. This topic firstly will have no base for argument and secondly, being a very sensitive issue ever since #metoo campaign no one will even think of going in the debate.

So, choosing proper argumentative research paper topics is the first thing a student must concentrate on. Once the student decides which topic he will write the essay on, half of the job is done. It is not necessary that he needs to pick something which has some social importance to people. He can even write an essay on the sports ground as well. There is a famous Chinese proverb where it says when you decide to cut a treein four hours, spend three hours sharpening your ax. In this case, if writing the essay is resembled cutting a tree, then selecting the right topic is similar to sharpening the ax.

Collection of proper and genuine information for your argumentative research paper topics:

As the student is done with the task of topic selection, now come the time of thorough research. This is another important phase as in this period we collect that essential information required to make the work absolutely best.

When it comes to collecting information for argumentative research paper topics, Google seems to run out of ideas. There will be some information available which will help to initially start writing your topic but as you will go into a more detailed analysis, Google fails to deliver. Now is the perfect time for you to get the dust off your books and start studying.

When you refer a book, you will not only have a better understanding of your argumentative research paper topicsbut you will also able to understand the factors based on which you can strengthen your argument. If a student feels the information gathered is not sufficient from the available books, he can easily enroll in a local library or get in touch with someone who has some prior expertise on the selected topic.

There are few websites which will provide users with information for such topics, but they are mostly small in number and they charge some subscription amount to view that information. If the student wishes to shell some bucks instead of running to the library, it’s on their discretion.

Reading and writing skills to present the argumentative research paper topics:

As the student is done with the phase of information collection. Now, he needs to put that information in a proper presentable manner. This is the stage many students face a lot of problems. Every student does not have a strong hold over language.

There are many cases where the argumentative research paper topics were thought provoking but due to lack of writing skills the student fails to impress. A student can collect as much information as he wants but if he does not know how to present it in the correct manner, it is of absolutely no use.

There are few writing service agencies who operate online for students like these who are weak in language or does not presentational skills. They charge a price for their service which can be on the higher side. These agencies ensure that the topic can pass the plagiarism test and unique in every way.

The strict plagiarism policy followed by many institutes can give a serious headache to any student. But if your major is in literature, it is better you avoid such agencies and work on improving your problems which will benefit you in the future.

As the writing stage is complete, now cometh the stage of reading it in front of a packed auditorium. The experience of presenting your argumentative research paper topics at the front of a packed hostile audience can be some knee-knocking experience. The student must display a lot of confidence in his research work as a little lack of factual evidence may lead to fierce counter questions or argument.

The presenter should not be unnerved if he is interrupted while presentation by his audience. He must understand the goal of this assignment was to improve the debating ability of a person.

He must have some mental preparation before the start, this ride will not be a smooth one. To make things easier for yourself, you may say it to the audience at the beginning of your presentation that you will attend all of their questions after the presentation is complete. But ensure that it does not give off under confidence vibe.

For example, you can say to the audience please hold on to your seat till I finish because my presentation may change your ground of argument. This will not only show that you are confident about the research paper but also you are in charge of the auditorium.

As we have tried to cover all the points which a student must keep in mind while preparing for argumentative research paper topics. How about we do a little bit more for all the poor souls out there finding it hard to select an appropriate topic for the paper. Here is our well-researched list of topics which might help you to ace your semester with flying colors:

  1. The complexity of US education system:

These are one of those tailored topic for your argumentative research papers. In the audience, there will always be one section who will find nothing wrong and another section who are involved in the system relate to your topic. This topic can generate some fierce argument.

  1. Are steroids helping or destroying your body?

This is another famous topic which can generate serious debate but if a student wishes to present this topic, it is better he does some thorough research on bodybuilding industry else he might get battered on the stage.

  1. Men must have the basic right to make a decision whether to join the war or not on their own:

This is probably the best topic in our list if you wish to raise some eyebrows in the auditorium. There will be a section in the audience who are very patriotic in nature and end up calling you a traitor. But if you are confident on your hard earned information and if Right to Speech is still functioning, be fearless and speak your heart out.

  1. Does TV have a right to document all the court proceedings?

This topic is more ideal for law students as they are well versed with all the laws that are in place. If a student with literature tries to present this topic he might get a lesson or two from the audience regarding the Right to Information Act. So, it is more ideal for a student pursuing with the law to attempt such topic as he will know all the loopholes of the Act.

  1. The Government must forbid the use of animal species in a research laboratory:

This topic can be considered as one of the all-time classic argumentative research paper topics for presentation.This topic can win a lot of hearts of animal lovers but prepare yourself for severe backlash from the audience related to the medical industry. This topic finds it relevance beyond some college assignment presentation. The protest against animal cruelty gained so much momentum that the government was forced to make some changes in the law that will protect the innocent animals.

  1. Same-sex marriage and their acceptance to the orthodox society:

This topic probably would have generated fierce argument ten or twenty years back but with a changing mindset, people seemed to find it acceptable. The former president of The United States Mr. Barrack Obama legalized same-sex marriage and changed lives of so many people who used to live a life of constant fear. It was often considered as one of the milestones of his tenure.

This is our small attempt to teach our readers how to ace an argumentative essay. If someone follows the above-mentioned tips religiously he will surely find writing argumentative essay easier next time.

Next day, when your teacher asks you to write a research essay, do not push it to the last day or try avoiding it. Try applying our above-mentioned tips and see the difference.

I'm from Michigan, USA and working as Tutor at My Homework Help Since 2012. The teaching job is very challenging job, but I love to do. I'm helping students with their homework. If you need homework assistance, feel free to contact me!

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